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Pay for School

Learn more about costs, how to find money for school and how to actually pay your bill.

Tuition and fees are due Friday, Aug. 25 for fall semester classes. You can sign up for a payment plan online. Sign up now and avoid late fees!



Tuition Costs

Tuition and fee rates at Weber State University are determined through a combination of factors, including considerations of operating costs, salaries, facility maintenance and investments in academic and student support resources. Additionally, input from university administrators, the legislature, the Utah System of Higher Education, and consultations with relevant stakeholders play a crucial role in setting these rates in a manner that aims to balance affordability with sustaining educational quality.

Your tuition and fees are added to your bill as you register for classes and they are due the Friday before classes begin. These charges will be adjusted as you add and drop classes.

Tuition and Fee Tables


Student Fees

Your student fees pay for essential virtual and in-person services, events, retention efforts, academic help, mentoring and more.

Student Fees

Course Fees

Some classes have course fees. These fees help to cover the costs of equipment replacement and maintenance, materials used in classes, or to meet specific regulatory requirements. Course fees may even be used for additional purposes such as tutoring, supplemental instruction, and other necessary academic support related to the course. Course fees range from $1 to $890 depending on the course and the specific needs for that class experience.

Course fee information can be found in the registration portal and in the University Catalog.

Registration Portal:

  • Click on the course title to open the Class Details dialog box, then click on Fees in the dialog box's menu.

University Catalog:

  1. Click on Course Descriptions:
  2. Enter the course information into the Course Filter search bar, and click on the desired course. The course fee is listed in the dialog box along with a description of how that fee is used:



1. Apply for Admission 

If you are not yet a student at WSU, you must first apply to Weber State. This application takes 10 minutes and is only done once.

Concurrent Enrollment students do not need to reapply. Just complete your status switch during your senior year of high school using the "Status Switch" app in your eWeber portal or by visiting


Complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to find federal scholarships, work-study and loans available to you. You complete FAFSA your senior year of high school and again every year that you will be in school. It only takes about 30 minutes to complete.

3. Financial Aid Verify

Financial Aid Verify allows you to view your financial aid requirements and submit your requirements electronically. If you have not yet created a Financial Aid Verify account, it only takes a few minutes and you only have to create it once. This account cannot be created until WSU has received your FAFSA, so wait 10 business days from the day you submit your FAFSA to create this account.

4. Scholarships

Find scholarships that you are eligible for using the Weber State Scholarships Application in your eWeber Portal. This application is open from Dec. 1 to Aug. 1. Scholarship applications are considered on a first-come, first-served basis. This account takes 30 minutes to one hour to set up, but you only have to create it once and update the questions as needed to ensure that the program is finding all of the scholarships you are qualified for. You will have to go in every year to apply for the scholarships you want to apply for.

Incoming students are automatically considered for academic scholarships but should complete this application to find even more opportunities. 


If you are having unanticipated challenges paying for school, reach out to

How to Pay Tuition and Fees

Payment Plans

Available Payment Plans

How to Enroll in a Payment Plan


Registration Holds

If you have a balance from a prior semester preventing you from registering but have funding options for this semester, reach out to or 801-626-6632 for potential options to register for this semester.


Work on Campus Icon

Work on Campus

Working on campus offers flexibility, real-world experience and helps you build connections and networks while in school.

Work Study icon


Some on-campus positions require work-study. Work-Study funding is awarded to students based on financial need. Students must complete FAFSA in order to be considered for Federal Work-Study (FWS) funding. Eligible students are awarded a set amount of funding (usually about $4,000) which is paid out through their on-campus student employment.

Handshake and Job Fairs icon

Handshake and Job Fairs

Handshake is a free online resource for WSU students. Login to find jobs, resources, internships and events, and make appointments with career advisors.



Fee National Average
Setup Fee $37
Late Fee $46
Returned Payment Fee $29
Average percentage of outstanding balance charged 11%