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College is meant to challenge you, but that does not mean that you don’t need some support along the way. Weber State has many academic support programs to help you succeed in the classroom. The best part is that they are free because you already paid for them with your student fees! All resources on campus are available to all students with a valid Wildcard. Concurrent Enrollment students may be unable to access all of these student services because they do not pay student fees.

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Academic Advising

Identify your advisor with Find My Advisor or call the department for your major. General Studies & Exploratory Advising provides academic advisement for students earning an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree in General Studies.

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Academic Peer Coaching

Connect with an experienced student who can answer your questions, give tips, and help you be successful in college. You can talk with a peer coach for free through texts, online or in person.

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Computer Labs

The Open Student Computer Labs are in various buildings across campus. They are free for student use. Printing does have a cost, but every student is given pharos cash at the begining of the year to start out with. Labs include computers, printers, scanners, laptop checkout, and more.

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Computer Literacy Courses

Weber State offers six free non-credit, online, self-paced courses for active WSU students (and faculty/staff) to expand computer literacy skills. Courses include how to use a computer, Microsoft programs and more.

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First Year Learning Communities

Helps make the transition to college easier by making sure that students have a positive support system including specially designed learning communities (2 - 4 classes together), mentoring/tutoring, and events and activities for first-year students.

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First Year Wildcat Scholars

Offers extra help in College English and math. Student must have a Math Placement of 1, 2 or 3 AND English Placement of 1 or 2. Students get personalized advising and FREE textbooks in the first year.

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IT Service Desk

Need help with your student email, cloud storage or access to free software such as Office 365?

How to check your student email and forward it to your preferred email

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Places to Study

Get your study on with quiet and cozy places nestled around campus.

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Need to print something for class? You have options!

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Academic Support Coach

Offers learning strategies and academic coaching from a former faculty and trained staff member.

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Stewart Library

Find resources such as article database, eReserves, eBooks, online assistance and more.

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Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) offers free study groups for specific courses led by a student leader who has already successfully completed the course.

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Testing Centers

Need to take a test for class? Maybe you need to take a GED or ACT? Testing Centers exist across all WSU campuses.

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Learning Support & Tutoring Services

Check out all the free tutoring available to WSU students.