Mr. Brian Pilcher

Senior Academic Support Coach
Academic Support Centers and Programs


B.S. (Wildlife Ecology), Oklahoma State University
M.S. (Wildlife Management), Louisiana State University

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*Senior Academic Support Coaching services will not be available during the summer semester. Services will begin on August 22nd, 2024 as posted in the scheduling link below. 



Current Work

How many of us have ever been taught how to set up a study routine or what to do in those study sessions? I work with students during learning skills appointments to coach strategies for time management, general study techniques, test-taking skills, and managing test-anxiety. Some patterns I commonly see are feelings of being overwhelmed with work, school, and perhaps family obligations and wondering how to manage all of that; not knowing how to learn difficult material; self-diagnoses by students of their problem areas that are incorrect, leading them to miss opportunities to change the approaches that would be most helpful; and conflating mere familiarity with remembering and understanding material. I am here for the student who wants to move from a B to an A as well as for the student who is struggling to pass.

For coaching sessions, students can simply click the link below to make a Zoom or phone appointment, although Zoom is preferred.

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Classes Taught

I have taught zoology and environmental courses at Weber and ecology, wildlife management, and technical writing courses at other institutions.

Research Areas of Interest

I have worked on research regarding white-tailed deer in Oklahoma and Montana, ring-necked pheasants in Oklahoma, elk-logging studies, grizzly bears, and benthic macroinvertebrates in Montana, wildlife and fisheries management in the Caribbean, and reintroduction of beaver in Russia. Currently, my primary interests are not in research so much as land management and promoting student learning skills.

Non-research Projects

I have advised project teams in leadership development experiences since 2014 through the Caribbean Leaders in Conservation grant-funded program, a program that has proven very effective with young, emerging conservation professionals. I continue to consult with a Grenada NGO on environmental research and planning documents.