• Nik Vaughan

    "I’ve seen what good officers can do for the Army and how much good you can do for those enlisted soldiers as a leader. It teaches you great management skills and how to handle emotional support and families because when it comes to the Army, everything about a soldier is your responsibility. "

  • student

    “My best experiences here have been when I have been a part of the peer mentor program. We help new students adjust to their first year of college. We answer any questions that they have about college or talking to professors. We are their friends that help guide them through their college experience. ”

  • Seth Perkins

    "I know it sounds really cliche, but college is really a time for you to get out there and have fun, experience life and do something that you didn’t think you would do before. Now is the time to get that stuff out of the way. Seize the day."

  • student

    "I just want to make sure that everyone feels included. I want them to feel like they are a part of Weber, and not just coming to Weber. Diversity means that everyone can feel safe in being their most authentic self, and that everyone is included."