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Sessions on the Ledge
January 24


Spring Volunteer Fair
January 25


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  • Kayla

    “I danced my whole life, but I wanted to do something different from what I was used to. I wanted to find other opportunities than being on the dance team. When I saw the athletic senator position available, I wanted to see in what other ways I could serve Weber State. The most rewarding part of this position for me is when community members recognize me and share with me how they think Weber State is a great contributor to the community.”

  • Eduardo

    “I have a lot of younger cousins and siblings that really look up to me when it comes to finishing school. I am trying to set a good example for them so that they can go to school eventually. Taking 17 credits and going to work, and trying to be sane after that, and have a social life after that, it’s hard. But, if you have enough drive then it’s really easy to think about it that way. You can go to bed at 1 a.m. and wake up at 6 in the morning and still get to school as long as you have that drive.”

  • student sitting on campus

    “This one time I went to Lagoon, I saw this man beating up his wife. I wanted to intervene but I just didn't know what to do. I didn't know what I would say if I ended up going there. All I did was just stand there and watch. I got so disappointed in myself and I felt so guilty because I felt like I was almost as bad as the guy for not doing anything. A few weeks later, the Women's Center was hosting a training on sexual harassment, and I decided to just stop by to see what I can do if I see someone get harassed again. This is how I got interested in volunteering with the Women's Center.”

  • student

    “I have a son, he lives in another state. I am trying to live with that. He is in El Paso, Texas. I am going to school and working part time, so funding to go see him is hard. His mom can’t bring him down here very often either because she goes to school too. I miss him.”