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November 18 & 19


Basketball (men)
November 18 & 19


November 18


Basketball (women)
November 20


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  • Shari

    “I came here as part of a 2plus2 program, which means I completed 2 years of my degree at home, and I’m finishing off the rest here. I could have gone to UNCW in North Carolina, but all the people in my program were going there, so I chose Weber. Not being around my other German students has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone more. It’s nice because I was forced to make new friends. You know, the American life style is so different than the German lifestyle, we are a lot more closed up, so I feel like being in an environment that’s more open has helped me open up and become a better version of myself. Since I started my job at the International Student and Scholar Center I feel like that helped me also evolve. ” 

  • william

    “I honestly wouldn’t have gone to college if it wasn’t for Sheldon Cheshire. Sheldon was the coordinator of my ETS class in high school and he really pushed me to go. He took me on trips to the campus and really wanted me to consider it. During the summer, I was working as a maintenance worker, basically cleaning toilets, and I really didn’t like it. My parents wanted me to go to college, but I had never put too much thought into it. I thought if cleaning up toilets was going to be my life for the rest of my years, I don’t want this. I figured I best go to school and get a degree that would pay the bills. I’m studying pre-engineering, and hoping to transfer to the U or USU to finish my program. ” 

  • Jackie

    “I was in the GEAR UP program all through high school, but never utilized its resources as much as I should have. It wasn’t until the end of my senior year, that I realized I really wanted to go to college, but financially it was a struggle. I was told that I wouldn’t be able to go to college because we couldn’t afford it unless I got some financial help. With the help of the scholarship counselor at my school, it opened the door for me, and made it possible for me to go to college. I was able to receive enough financial aid to pay for my first year at Weber, and more. I’ll be starting my third year this fall and ready to start my upper division classes to become a Special Education teacher! ” 

  • student

    “What Weber really means to me is opportunity. When I was a kid I was just a C student. I didn’t think college was an option for me. I was in the military for a significant amount of time, but when my service time was up I didn’t know what I was going to do. What was cool was Weber was right here in Ogden where I have lived for so long. They welcomed me with open arms and gave me the opportunity to be a good student. After 3.5 years, I ended up being in the top 10% of my class. I proved to myself that I can do all this. And what’s even better is I just got accepted to a grad program, that 3.5 years ago I would have laughed about because I didn’t think I was that smart.”