Success Stories

Just a note to tell you about the latest benefit I have experienced by participating in the Wellness Program:
Over a week ago, our office held our annual retreat at Zions Park in Southern Utah. An optional activity was the hike/climb up to Angels Landing for the 11 of us staff members. I was one of only four people who felt "fit" enough to make the climb. It was a strenuous hike for a total of 41/2 hours up and back but I also found it exhilarating and so worthwhile the effort! The only side effect was some mild soreness in my arms  the next day when I came to work on a Friday from pulling myself up on those chains on the trail to the top of Angels Landing the day before. I know that my Wellness workouts for the previous 10 weeks prepared me well enough to have the stamina for a successful experience. Yea Wellness!
Betty Simons

Do you have a wellness success story that you would like to share? Please send it to Kelly Bright or  Jill Yeiter so we can promote wellness in Student Affairs and at Weber State.

Five Steps to Getting Started: 

1. Read the Guidelines

For information about approved activities, benefits of exercise, etc.

2. Register for an Assessment

To participate in wellness time and to receive incentive prizes, you must complete an assessment each year.

3. Sign the Waiver Form (pdf document)

Sign the form and give to Hanalee Hawkins.

4. Sign the Wellness Time Application (pdf document)

Sign the form and give to Hanalee Hawkins.

5. Record Your Wellness Time

A. Download the Fall Wellness Challenge Spreadsheet and return the filled out form to Hanalee Hawkins at the end of the challenge.