Your Wellness Program

  1. Salaried WSU employees (with benefits) may participate in wellness activities a maximum of three hours a week (not to exceed one hour a day) prorated based on the employee’s FTE status. To participate, employees must:

    1. Complete a Wellness Assessment annually.
    2. Complete a Wellness Time application form on an annual basis that is reviewed and approved by the employees’ immediate supervisor; this form includes:
      1. Wellness Time consent/waiver form
      2. Wellness Time plan that identifies specific wellness activities and anticipated times of participation for the coming year
    3. Keep a record of Wellness Time participation as required by the immediate supervisor.  Record your wellness Time Spreadsheet and return to Hanalee Hawkins at the end of the challenge.  (see #5 on right side of the page).

  2. The specific Wellness Time participation hours and days must be scheduled and approved by the employee’s supervisor within a time frame determined by the department, and must be consistent with these guidelines:

    1. You may use wellness time before or after work as long as it is approved by your supervisor.
    2. Wellness Time missed due to work emergencies or other work related conflicts can only be rescheduled during that same week, i.e., missed time cannot be accrued outside the week.
    3. Wellness Time missed because of sickness or vacation cannot be rescheduled.
    4. Wellness Time may be taken in conjunction with breaks and lunch, but breaks and lunch cannot be combined.
    5. Wellness Time activities must take place on the campus of employment, unless otherwise approved by supervisor and/or the department.
    6. Wellness Time for multiple participating employees within the same area must be managed in ways that avoid a negative impact on individual job performance and overall department productivity.
    7. Supervisors may implement special scheduling guidelines to meet the unique needs or special circumstances of their areas.

  3. Supervisors may verify employee completion of Wellness Assessment by contacting the Employee Wellness Program.

  4. If Wellness Time participation privileges are abused, supervisors have the discretion to implement the following sanctions:

    1. 1st occurrence: minimum of 3 month suspension of this privilege
    2. 2nd occurrence: minimum of 6 month suspension of this privilege
    3. 3rd occurrence: minimum of 1 year suspension of this privilege

Five Steps to Getting Started: 

1. Read the Guidelines

For information about approved activities, benefits of exercise, etc.

2. Register for an Assessment

To participate in wellness time and to receive incentive prizes, you must complete an assessment each year.

3. Sign the Waiver Form (pdf document)

Sign the form and give to Hanalee Hawkins.

4. Sign the Wellness Time Application (pdf document)

Sign the form and give to Hanalee Hawkins.

5. Record Your Wellness Time

A. Download the Fall Wellness Challenge Spreadsheet and return the filled out form to Hanalee Hawkins at the end of the challenge.