Summer Wellness Challenge

The Division of Student Affairs is announcing a 15 week wellness challenge for Fall 2010.

  • It will begin Monday, August 23 2010
  • Each person that wants to be part of the challenge must sign up with Hanalee Hawkins,  using the Wellness Time Application Form located on our Student Affairs Wellness website,  to be part of the challenge. 
  • There will be individual awards for participating in the 1 week challenge:

Individual Awards
40-48 hours $40 Wildcat Cash
30-36 hours $30 Wildcat Cash
20-29 hours $20 Wildcat Cash

Team competition

If you would like to be involved in the team competition:

  • Recruit team members from the Student Affairs Division.
  • Send Hanalee Hawkins the names of the people on your team and your team name.
  • Log your individual wellness hours.
  • Motivate your team members to complete and log their wellness hours.

You will need to have a completed assessment to compete in the team challenge. Please review the process for signing up for the wellness program in Student Affairs listed below.

Team Awards
The team who has the highest average of exercise hours completed will win the challenge.
(Each member of the winning team will receive a $ 10 gift certificate for a healthy lunch)

Signing up

  1. You MUST have a current wellness assessment on file with Jill Yeiter’s office. You must complete the assessment before the end of the challenge if your assessment has expired. This assessment is an annual event.
  2. Report to your supervisor when and how you plan to use your wellness hours. This must approved by your supervisor.
  3. Contact Hanalee Hawkins and let her know if you want to be involved in the challenge.
  4. Please submit your exercise hours by the end of the challenge. No hours will be counted for team or individual awards after the challenge is over.
  5. If you or someone you work with is a “success story” in the wellness program, please let us (Hanalee Hawkins and Jill Yeiter know so we can promote wellness at Weber State).

Five Steps to Getting Started: 

1. Read the Guidelines

For information about approved activities, benefits of exercise, etc.

2. Register for an Assessment

To participate in wellness time and to receive incentive prizes, you must complete an assessment each year.

3. Sign the Waiver Form (pdf document)

Sign the form and give to Hanalee Hawkins.

4. Sign the Wellness Time Application (pdf document)

Sign the form and give to Hanalee Hawkins.

5. Record Your Wellness Time

A. Download the Fall Wellness Challenge Spreadsheet and return the filled out form to Hanalee Hawkins at the end of the challenge.