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Supply chain management (SCM) is the value creation engine for every organization. SCM is where high quality, low cost, rapid, on-time delivery, and great innovation happen. SCM is also where companies work together to serve customers better. Here's a visual example to illustrate...


If you are wearing athletic shoes, they were most likely designed in the U.S., made in Asia, shipped across the ocean, and delivered to the retailer where you bought them. To get them to you, a whole team of supply chain managers had to make decisions like: How the shoes needed to perform, where to source materials, where to make the shoes, how to get them to where you want to buy them when you want to buy them—and do it all sustainably. This process is often referred to as Plan, Source, Make, Deliver, and Return.


To get those shoes to you at the right price, supply chain managers must work creatively and effectively with a lot of colleagues to make sure the shoes exceed customer expectations (new product design), are profitable (finance), sustainable (corporate consciousness), made by happy and safe employees (HR), and that the whole process is visible (technology) so you can be confident the shoes will help you play your favorite sport.


Now, put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes. Your job is to find that special someone who possesses the specialized skills to manage key value-added processes, inspire creative decision making, and collaborate effectively with decision makers across the firm and around the world. Who are you looking to hire? Answer: A Weber State supply chain graduate!


If you are cut out to be a supply chain leader—i.e., willing to get out of your comfort zone, work hard, and coach your peers—imagine YOURSELF in Weber State’s Supply Chain Management Program. SCM offers nearly endless possibilities for a fun, adventurous, and challenging career. And, SCM pays GREAT!  Start your application today!

Are you ready to apply yet?  Start your path to an amazing career today!
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Our students come from all walks of life!  Some are Sterling Scholars, some were farmers, some are moms and dads and some are traditional students.  We love our diversity and our students do too!  Our diverse classes make for great interaction, conversation and learning opportunities.  Meet a few of our students, they're pretty amazing, just like you! 

Supply Chain Management '16
MISM student, CMU

"At Weber State, I learned
the sky's the limit!"

Growing up, Sam always pictured himself as a farmer, but during the recession, he realized economies change and security isn’t guaranteed.  Not really a great student in high school, he came to Weber to seek security and was accepted with open arms. His first business class gave him that aha moment, “It was just a good mix of numbers and people.  A good balance of left and right brain.” 

Sam ended up as the President of the Supply Chain Club, was on the Strategic Planning Leadership Committee, and presented his undergraduate research at a national convention.

He has recently been accepted to the Master of Information Systems Program at Carnegie Mellon University!  He's right, the sky's the limit!


Supply Chain Management '16
Materials Analyst, Autoliv

"My life looks pretty awesome right now! I am making a great income and can enjoy life."

Celeste started early college in high school, but like many women, chose to delay her education to start and nurture her family. After 10 years and a divorce, she knew she needed something more stable for her family, so she went back to school.  Like many moms, she recalled, “I felt selfish, but I wanted to show them that they could do anything if I could do it.”  And she did!

Because of the close faculty involvement, Celeste ended up as a key contributor to the supply chain management team's 1st place win at the 2016 Arizona State University Case Competition something WSU had never done before.

Celeste is still a fantastic mom, but because of her experience at WSU, she now holds the title of Materials Analyst too, something she never dreamed possible!


Supply Chain Management '17
Vendor Mgmt. Inventory Analyst, Sun Products

"WSU's supply chain program gave me the opportunity to rub shoulders with not just Utah's supply chain elite, but some of the best supply chain people in the country."

Like many WSU students, Stephen juggled the responsibilities of being a good father, husband, employee and student.  Because of his involvement, dedication and drive, he is now key player at Sun Products, a $1.6 billion company:

"Stephen has been a part of our team for two months now, and I must tell you that he is an absolute rock star. His knowledge of Supply Chain helped him to hit the ground running, and he has quickly mastered everything we have thrown at him. He has the best possible attitude amidst the challenges of our integration and takes every opportunity he can to learn the business and support the group. We couldn’t be happier to have him on our team. If you have more candidates like Stephen in your next graduating class, we will find them a career at Henkel!


Supply Chain Management '17
Global Commodity Buyer, Autoliv

"I chose supply chain because it is for EVERY industry. If you like marketing, you get to do that, economics, you get to do that, finance, you get to do that, all of those things!"

“I’m not really from anywhere.”  That’s because Mackenzie moved 14 times in 18 years following her father’s corporate executive business career. As a teenager, her family finally landed in Seattle.  Schools were so big and expensive that she didn’t want to be just another number.  She wanted a hands-on experience in a small, affordable school, where she could have direct access to her professors, and she loved the mountain community here in Ogden, so she chose Weber State University.

Mackenzie decided to get involved in the case competition team and after traveling the country she realized, "I can say that WSU’s business school is just as good as any of them in Washington, or anywhere else!”