Tony Allred





Anthony T. Allred joined the faculty of Weber State University in 1996. He is a professor of marketing at the Goddard School of Business & Economics. He has participated in numerous university, school, department and community assignments. The Weber Entrepreneurs Association, a student organization he established and advised for many years, has provided a sizable and ongoing number of scholarships, helped more than 100 small companies receive funding and created a springboard for a diverse assortment of student startups.

Allred holds a PhD in marketing from the Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University. He has taught a variety of marketing and management-related courses in the Goddard School’s undergraduate programs. He currently teaches Marketing Principles, Sales Management and Promotion Management.

Allred is a Goddard School, Research Fellow. His cross-disciplinary research focuses on entrepreneurship, service quality and nonprofit marketing. He has published numerous, peer-reviewed journal articles and contributed to a variety of academic and professional conferences. His practical experience includes establishing, owning and operating several small businesses and providing consulting and training to large corporations and small nonprofits. 


Ph.D., Marketing - Spears School of Business, Oklahoma State University, 1997
BS, General Studies - Weber State University, 1984


Snow skiing, Mountain biking, Fly fishing and Travel


Presidential Teaching Excellence Award (2019)
Everyday Leader Award (2019)

Buehler Teaching Fellow (2015-17)

Dick Alston Teaching Excellence Award (2014)

Rodney H. Brady, Crystal Crest, Master Teacher (Finalist, 1998, 2006, 2012 & 2014)

Goddard School, Faculty Mentor Award (2008)

George & Beth Lowe Innovative Teaching Award (2005)



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  1. NineFold Marketing National Sales Conference, Keynote Speaker
  2. Public Relations Society of America (PRSSA) Ogden Peak
  3. Weber/Ogden Chamber Business Expo Conference
  4. American Society for Quality (GS chapter) Conference, Keynote Speaker  
  5. The Northern Chapter of the Utah Association of Certified Public Accounts 
  6. The North Davis Chamber of Commerce, SBDC, The Coleman Seminar Series
  7. The North Davis Chamber of Commerce, SBDC, The Coleman Seminar Series
  8. Browning International Sales Conference, Keynote Speaker             
  9. DECA (Marketing Conference for all Utah High Schools, Park City, UT)
  10. KWCR radio, Why a Degree in Business? (A thirty-minute interview)
  11. Fourth Annual Nebraska Doctoral Symposium