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accounting '20 outstanding graduate

“You won’t regret choosing to study in the Goddard School of Business & Economics. By utilizing all the unique resources available to you, you won’t find a better learning opportunity.”


My recruiting visit to Weber State my senior year of high school was a great experience as I was able to tour the campus/facilities and visit the Goddard School of Business and Economics because I had somewhat decided I wanted to study accounting. I loved what the coaches had to show me from an athletic standpoint, but I was also very impressed by the academic side.  When I visited the Goddard School of Business and Economics, I loved what I heard and saw.  The idea of small class sizes and being able to interact with professors, which isn’t common at other universities, really appealed to me.  Ultimately, for both athletic and academic opportunities, I decided to sign at Weber State University.


My family has a history with accounting, and it sparked my interest in high school.  I took one class of accounting in high school and I liked it and even excelled at it among my peers.  On a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints I was given a financial/accounting role in the administrative office of the mission and learned a lot about accounting in that role and liked what I was doing, which fortified my decision to study accounting when I got home.


Two things that make the Goddard School of Business and Economics unique are the professors and the small class sizes.  The Goddard School has amazing professors who are willing to work with students on all levels.  They care about your success and the ability to interact with them is incredible.  Small class sizes enable students to ask questions and turn lectures into discussions which I feel has helped me learn better.


Brett Merrell greatly influence my academic experience.  As a freshman, I went to him for help with my resume and he did more than that.  He not only helped me put my few, semi-valuable experiences into words and make them stand out, but he also encouraged me to do certain things throughout the next few years that would help me grow as an individual and be a more valuable candidate when I started applying for jobs.  He encouraged me to get some leadership experience, get involved with an academic club on campus, and find some work experience.  I did all of those and those things have blessed my life immeasurably.  Had he not encouraged me to do those things, I probably wouldn’t have and missed out on some great opportunities.

Valerie Chambers was my first accounting professor at Weber State and her passion for the profession impacted me.  She was very encouraging to me individually and just attending her class excited me to learn more about accounting.

Dean Matt Mouritsen was my assigned professor mentor in my second year.  The advice he gave me was to get myself out of my comfort zone and reach out to firms and companies that I want to work for someday.  He told me to find the company that best fit my needs and to find something that I enjoy.  I took his advice and learned about many different opportunities I had after graduation and got heavily involved in recruiting.  This advice helped me to land a job with a firm that I felt was perfect for me, Tanner LLC, after graduating with a master’s degree.



Get an appointment ASAP with Brett Merrell and create a plan to boost your resume.  Brett is an expert at what he does and will help you get the experience you need to stand out.  Another tip is to get involved.  Clubs and organizations boost your learning and experience and really set you apart as a student and future job candidate.  Get to know your professors and ask questions in class or during their office hours.  Get to know you’re your future profession by reaching out to professionals, asking them questions, going on office tours, etc. so that you really know what you want to be doing in your career.


apply, visit, get info, call, email...