Student Stories


MBA '17

"I think the MBA program helped me focus on how I wanted my career to grow, how to market myself,  and the importance of looking for career opportunities. I took a risk on making a major career shift halfway through my time in the MBA program and it turned out to be a great change that has put my career on a much better trajectory. I don't know that I would have been looking for the opportunity to make the change if it hadn't been for the MBA program. I also think the courses have helped me become a more well-rounded manager and be more focused on being an effective leader." 



"Weber State appealed to me because it offered a quality education that was really affordable compared to other MBA programs. I also liked that Weber offered a traditional classroom setting which interested me more than the completely online options. I live in Davis County and the Weber MBA campus is close to my house." 


"I have a business undergraduate degree and felt that I needed a graduate degree to make myself competitive for advancement in my company and career. Since my background is in business and management an MBA seemed like the best choice for a graduate degree."


"Overall, I think the thing that stood out about my interactions with the faculty at Weber is that they got to know me. Almost all of my professors learned my name, were available after class for questions and I even had professors that were willing to call me to provide feedback for assignments. I didn't feel like I had that kind of accessibility to my professors for my undergraduate program at a different school. I was also impressed by the faculty's commitment/passion for the school and the program."


"My advice to new students would be to ask lots of questions, take advantage of the availability of the professors, and to get to know your fellow students."


"I am focusing on my career. I worked through graduate school (often 45-50 hours per week) and I appreciated that Weber's MBA program was flexible and allowed me to adjust my schedule to work around my employer's needs."