James Hansen


PHONE: 801.626.6433

EMAIL: jameshansen2@weber.edu



James Hansen joined the Weber State University faculty in fall 2013 and currently serves as an assistant professor in the School of Accounting & Taxation at the Goddard School of Business & Economics. He also serves on the Strategic Planning Committee for the Goddard School and the University Scholarship Committee. 

He received his BS and MAcc degrees in accounting from Brigham Young University and his PhD in accounting from the University of Georgia Terry College of Business. He teaches Financial Statement Analysis, along with Introductory and Advanced Auditing in the GSBE Undergraduate Accounting and Master of Accounting programs. Hansen’s research focuses on audit quality and detection of earnings management. His research has been published in Auditing: A Journal of Practice and TheoryCurrent Issues in AuditingJournal of Accounting LiteratureJournal of Accounting and Public PolicyJournal of Portfolio Management, and The CPA Journal.


Ph.D.,  Accounting - University of Georgia Terry College of Business, 2004

CPA - New Mexico 

MS, Master of Accounting - Brigham Young University, 1999

BS, Accounting - Brigham Young University, 1999 


Enjoy spending time with family (wife Doris, seven daughters – Ellie, Abigail, Lilyanne, Ginevieve, Sophie, Cosette, Vivienne, and son – Howard), cycling, leisure reading, journal writing, church service, gardening, basketball, Boy Scouts of America (Eagle Scout), and ranching (inactive-my father sold the cows). 



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