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supply chain management dec'23  

It's an amazing opportunity to attend Weber State, so make the most of it."


I have a friend who did a supply chain program at Utah State. He was talking to me about some of the things he planned to do with it, the coursework involved, etc., and it sounded interesting. I completed my Associates degree several years ago. When I decided to go back to school at Weber State, I spoke to the leadership of my company and they agreed to reimburse my tuition fully.


I have worked full-time throughout my education, taking primarily night classes, and some online. It’s involved a lot of hard work, dedication, and having to go outside of my comfort level (public speaking, group projects and presentations). It’s been both fun and stressful at times, and I’ve met a lot of great people. I’ve liked the professors, and I’ve learned a lot. It’s been a little bit of everything.


Each of my professors taught me something valuable. James Taylor - I got a lot out of his class. It was very demanding, but the way he structured the class and care he put into it – you could tell that he cared about his students and wanted us to succeed. And he is a supply chain professional so he had great real-world examples. Nick Brown’s global relational strategies class was fantastic. He is also working in the field currently. I appreciated that he was willing to give a lot of great feedback and examples from his own experience. It was very helpful.


Be intentional - think about what you want to do in your life. Don’t take out an excessive amount of debt to get a degree without a plan. And make sure you enjoy it. College can be very stressful and it’s a lot of hard work that requires time, effort, and sacrifice. But it’s an amazing opportunity to attend Weber State, so make the most of it. When it’s done part of you will miss it. Try to enjoy it.


I plan to stay in my current job, it’s a good position. I would like to pursue higher level management, and perhaps in the future pursue work with other firms.

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