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WHAT IS 2+2?

Incoming international programs explained.

Traditional 2+2 programs in America and emerging 2+2 international programs look a little different. 


Traditional 2+2 Programs

In America, a traditional 2+2 program is where students attend a community college for two years to complete an associates' degree,and then transfer to a university for another two years to finish a bachelor's degree.  

Emerging International 2+2 Programs

Recently, non-traditional 2+2 programs have emerged.  For example, in some Asian, Europen and America schools, the home universities arrange for their students to complete their general education courses and then transfer to a foreign university to complete their bachelor's degree(s).  

Some home universities allow students to keep their residential status for four years to help maintain cost and consistency for the student. The home program then articulates the host university's 3rd and 4th year credits.  This is a win-win situation.  The students can get their home university’s 4-year degree (bachelor’s degree).  At the same time, for the 3rd and 4th year, if they fulfil the host university’s graduation criteria, they can get another 4-year degree or a bachelor’s degree.  

While this non-traditional 2+2 program model is a trend for international education in the world, Weber State University has been operating its 2+2 program with Shanghai Normal University for the past 12 years.  Students from our 2+2 program will get both a bachelor’s degree in Business from Shanghai Normal University AND a bachelor’s degree in International Business from Weber State University.