Semester Programs Verification




Complete a WSU Academic Class

Approved classes are listed below:

  • PE courses are listed here.
  • Recreation courses are listed here.
  • Others:
    • CHF 1500- Human Development
    • CHF 2400- Family Relations
    • CHF 4400- The Family in Stress
    • GERT 3000- Death and Dying
    • GERT 3120- Aging: Adaptation and Behavior
    • GERT 4650- Retirement: Adjustment/Planning
    • HLTH 1020/NUTR 1020- Human Nutrition
    • HLTH 1030- Healthy Lifestyles
    • HLTH 1110- Stress Management
    • HLTH 2220- Prenatal and Infant Nutrition
    • HLTH 2300- Emergency Response
    • HLTH 2400- Mind/Body Wellness
    • HLTH 2420- Childhood and Adolescent Nutrition
    • HLTH 3320/NUTR 3320- Health and Nutrition in the Older Adult
    • HLTH 3500- Human Sexuality
    • HAS 3150- Community Health Agencies and Services
    • MICRO 1153- Elementary Public Health
    • NUTR 1240- Nutrition and Sustainable Cooking
    • NUTR 2020- Nutrition in the Life Cycle
    • NUTR 2320- Food Values, Diet Design and Health

Please consult with Employee Wellness if you have questions about class eligibility. Teaching a class DOES NOT count towards the Rewards program. 

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  • Semester Schedule
Employee Wellness Group Exercise Classes

You must register and pay for group exercise classes through Employee Wellness.

Every time you attend class, sign the class log. Employee Wellness staff will review the log at the end of the semester. You must attend 75% to receive credit. You can combine attendance from multiple Employee Wellness group exercise classes to achieve 75%.

Campus Recreation classes do not count towards this rewards submission. Instead, attendance should be recorded as part of an exercise log. 

Employee Wellness will verify participation
Participate in a weight management program for 3 months

Weight management programs can come in the form of:

  • TOPS 
  • PEHP
  • Weight Watchers
  • Noom
  • other paid services or support groups

Please consult with Employee Wellness if you have questions about eligibility.

  • TOPS (on-campus): Employee Wellness will verify
  • PEHP: Ask for a note or document that states completion
  • Other: Receipts of membership for three months

You must register and pay for Overbooked! through Employee Wellness.

Employee Wellness will mark attendance at each meeting. You must attend 80% to receive credit.

Please submit the certificate of completion from Training Tracker.

  • Log onto Training Tracker, located on the eWeber portal.
  • Under the "Student" tab, locate the "My Training History" category.

  • Search for your class, then click on "Certificate". Upload this document.