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Physician Recommendation

Whether an employee is new to Weber State University or just looking for a new doctor, Employee Wellness frequently fields the question of "Who would you recommend?" We threw this question back to our employees and compiled a list of highly preferred medical professionals. 

Please feel free to email us your recommendations so they can be added to this list. 








General Practitioner

Jean Mcguire


(801) 786-7500

She really listens and cares for patients.


Justin Mansfield

(801) 773-4840

He is so thorough and really cares about his patients.


Mark K. Milligan

(801) 779-6200

Dr. Milligan is very personable and good at what he does.


Stephen Scharmann

(801) 387-5300

Practices sports medicine and family practice at McKay Dee Hospital.


Brandon Wintle

(801) 387-8100

He treats you like a real person, not a number, and takes the time to answer all of your questions. He is also very kind.


Courtney Nelson

(801) 773-4770

Very good general physician, easy to get into, listens and communicates well, gives good referrals when needed.


Renee West

(801) 475-3000



Dr. Starley

(801) 621-3553

Close proximity to campus, great office staff


Jared Anderton

(801) 621-1835

Thorough and knowledgeable


Michael Tribe

(801) 475-4700

Provides great service at a fair price. Respectable, helpful, and kind.


Mark Geddes

(801) 394-5554

Highly skilled, patient centered, well-run office


Jeremy Felt

(801) 774-9354

Proficient and professional


Matthey Mackay

(801) 397-2323

Located in Bountiful. Appointments available for working people’s convenience.


Bryan Gilbert

(801) 476-7299



Reggie Whitaker

(801) 776-2806

Excellent service and personable


WSU Dental Hygiene Clinic


On campus!


Greg Pickett

(801) 399-9873

Close to campus


Pegah Dixon

(801) 387-8350

Compassionate and understanding.


Audrey A. Jiricko

(801) 387-8350

She listens to your concerns and answers your questions in a way you can understand. Treats with you compassion.


Albert Hartmann

(801) 387-4800

Excellent provider, patient centered, well run office


Susan A Arogyasami

(801) 776-0880

Takes a personal interest in your well-being. Always willing to answer questions and her explanations are easy to understand.


Katherine Mader

(801) 627-0515

Very personable


Mark Wheeler

(801) 621-1667

Total care: chiropractic, decompression, ultrasound, stem, and massage therapy. Caring and compassionate.


John Pobanz

(801) 627-0500

Convenient. 2 locations, South and North Ogden. Well rounded, accepts all insurances.