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Office of Workplace Learning Lifestyle Improvement Courses

OWL offers hundreds of courses by request and schedules many open-enrollment courses each semester. The following listed classes will count towards a Lifestyle Improvement Rewards submission.  Check Training Tracker for currently scheduled courses.  Training courses are listed in Training Tracker each Semester.  To view available opportunities and/or sign-up for a course, log into the faculty/staff portal and select the Training Tracker link.  All available scheduled classes will be displayed on the main screen.  Click on a class you are interested in and select the 'add' button to add the course to your schedule. Please use your Training Tracker history or class certification as verification.


  • OWL Courses

    Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset In this workshop, we explore in detail how it is we can end up in an inward or self-centered mindset and the impact that has on our work and others. We also leverage a framework that will guide us to work in an outward mindset where we “see people” more clearly. Learn More
    7 Habits of Highly Successful People No matter how competent a person is, he or she will not have sustained and lasting success unless they are able to effectively lead themselves, influence, engage and collaborate with others, and continually improve and renew their capabilities. These elements are at the heart of personal, team, and organizational effectiveness. Learn More
    Rethinking Stress Participants specifically learn to help themselves by understanding stress and its devastating results. They are then able to address the issues that are causing their own stress and replace it with more productive perceptions. Those who experience Rethinking Stress discover new ways to become more resistant to stress and control how they respond to the unique stress in their lives. Learn More