"A Sweet Place to Visit!"

It might be rainy and cloudy at times in this west coast city, but the folks of Sweetattle, Washington are sweet on eco-friendly lifestyles and the progressive music scene that punctuates the lively urban climate. Welcome to Sweetattle: one sweet place to live (and visit!).

This month, HealthTrip travelers are challenged to eliminate one source of added sugar each day. It might be that doughnut in the morning, gourmet coffee drink on the way to work, soda with lunch, or the cookie before bed.

You can eliminate the same food each day or opt to forgo a different source of added sugar each day. The decision is yours!

Learn more about this topic by viewing this Lunch and Learn presentation.

1- Register by October 1


2- Download your tracking sheet. 

You must download and then save your tracking sheet before adding any information. 

3- Download your tip sheet.

4- Return your tracking sheet by November 5

You may complete this challenge any time during the 2020 calendar year. Tracking sheets returned to Employee Wellness after the due date will not be entered into the Grand Prize raffle,  but may be used towards the Wellness Pays Rewards Program. You can not complete challenges before the challenge start date.  

Did you know.....

  • Challenges count as Wellness Pays Rewards activities! Complete three monthly challenges and earn $20.