Summer Bucket List Rules

Summer Bucket List Challenge
Rules and Information
General Information:
The Summer Bucket List Challenge is an incentive that will provide you will many ideas for summer recreation. Once enrolled, you can download your Bucket List Passport. This Power Point file will include 36 wellness activities that are unique to Weber State, Ogden, and the state of Utah. You will earn points by completing the items on our Bucket List. Activities that are within Weber State are worth 1 point, Ogden area activities are worth 2 points, and activities in other parts of the State are worth 3 points. You will earn a prize for every 10 points, not to exceed 50 points.
Getting Started:

  • You must enroll at enroll online after May 9, 2016
  • Download your Bucket List Passport.
  • For maps and contact information for each activity, please view the Master List, located on our website.
  • There will be a limit on various activities. Please reference each individual activity for limitations.

Bucket List Activities:

  • Your passport will have all the activities grouped by points
    • 1 point activities are Light Blue
    • 2 point activities are Salmon
    • 3 point activities are Light Purple
  • You must verify that you completed each activity. This can be done by including pictures of:
  • A race bib 
  • A receipt
  • Participation

 Employee Wellness Facebook Page:

  • Please feel free to post your pictures to our Facebook page as well. We like to see what you are up to, and it helps to generate ideas for others.
  • You can access our Facebook page by:
  • Adding yourself to Weber Groups
  • Then search for Employee Wellness within Weber Groups
  • Request membership

Program Ends:

  • Passports will need to be returned to Employee Wellness between August 19, 2016.
    • Email to:
  • Prizes will be available to pick up from the Wellness Center (WI #210) August 29- September 2, 2016


  • Prizes may include:
    • Ear Buds
    • Car/IPod Car Lounger
    • Reusable Grocery Bag
    • Portable Cutlery Set
    • Locking Lunch Container
    • Collapsible Sports Bottle
    • Portion Bowl

All rules are subject to change.