November Monthly Challenge- Decorate Your Space

Since we spend more waking hours at work than we do at home, it’s natural to want to decorate our office or cube spaces, creating a home away from home.

Go ahead; personalizing your space is a win-win that’s good for you! It has been studied that people who decorate their offices often have higher levels of job satisfaction and psychological well-being, leading to higher levels of employee morale and lower turnover.

This month, Employee Wellness challenges you to decorate your space! Whether you work in a closed office, cubical, or out of a truck, find a way to express your personality within your work space. Please feel free to bring pictures of your family, create a vision board, or add some Weber State memorabilia flare! This challenge should be a reflection of you. At the end of the month, take a picture and send it to Employee Wellness. 

Please keep in mind:

  • This contest should not negatively impact business operations or the organizational professionalism.
  • Do not cover office door numbers.
  • Do not place decorations around lights.
  • Decorations cannot restrict the view of any Exit signs.
  • Decorations cannot restrict the movement through hallways, entrances and exits of the office or buildings. 
  • When putting decorations on windows, please use materials that will be easy to come off and clean up from the window.

How to participate:

  • Registration: Please register by November 11th


  • Take a Photo: Take a picture of your space and send it back to the Employee Wellness office by December 5th, or MC 3501

Did you know.....

  • Upon completion of Monthly Challenges, participants will earn points that they can then trade in for a product through the Wellness Store. 
  • Monthly Challenges count as Wellness Pays Rewards activities! Complete three monthly challenges and earn $20.