February Challenge- Clear The Air

The Clear the Air Challenge is a month-long competition starting February 1 that encourages you to reduce your vehicle emissions, improve air quality and reduce traffic congestion in Utah by driving less and driving smarter.

Participate in the Clear the Air Challenge

To participate, visit the Clear the Air Challenge website cleartheairchallenge.org

Create a New Account

If you have not created an account:

  1. Go to cleartheairchallenge.org
  2. Click the “register” button and follow the steps, as instructed
  3. Join team “Weber State” and select your division as your sub-group. You will need to select both in order for your entries to be counted properly.

Log Trips

If you have participated in the past, and already have an account:

  1. Log in on the Travel Wise Tracker: travelwisetracker.com
  2. Click on your name on the upper right-hand corner of the dashboard
  3. Click “edit profile” in the upper left of the dashboard
  4. Select “my Networks” from the left-hand navigation
  5. Join team “Weber State”
  6. Pick a subgroup to ensure we have some great competition!
    • select your correct division

Need Help Creating an Account?

If you need help signing up or logging trips, Energy & Sustainability will be hosting open labs on:



January 26

  • Davis Campus
  • D3, Room 230
  • 2-3 pm 
  • Training Tracker 830-11                        

January 30 

  • Ogden Campus
  • SU Computer Lab
  • 2-3 pm
  • Training Tracker 830-11 

January 31

  • Ogden Campus
  • SU Computer Lab
  • 2-3 pm       
  • Training Tracker 830-11   


WSU Employees

Take a screenshot of your dashboard on February 28 and return it to the Employee Wellness office, MC 3501 or email to wellness@weber.edu.

Why should I participate?

Poor air quality becomes a particular concern during the winter months when normal atmospheric conditions (cool air above, warm air below) become inverted. Inversions trap a dense layer of cold air under a layer of warm air, acting like a lid and trapping pollutants in the cold air near the valley floor. Nearly 50% of the pollutants trapped during the inversions are caused by transportation emissions. So by simply reducing vehicle trips, we can protect our health, our environment and our quality of life.

The long-term effect of air pollution is decreased quality of life in Utah. The current air forecast, available at www.airquality.utah.gov, warns us of days that can be especially hazardous to our health. The fact that people must be told when they can take a walk or let their children play outside is an unwelcome reality. 

Weber State University is encouraging all of our students, faculty, and staff to participate in the challenge throughout the month of February. You can save trips by riding public transportation, combining trips, biking, walking or carpooling whenever possible. Trips will be logged into a tracker to calculate the vehicle emissions reduced by using smarter travel strategies. In order to encourage some friendly competition, Employee Wellness is partnering with Energy & Sustainability challenge students against employees.

Help your division win the trophy!

Did You Know....

  • Upon completion of Monthly Challenges, participants will earn points that they can then trade in for a product through the Wellness Store
  • Monthly Challenges count as Wellness Pays activities! Complete three monthly challenges and earn $20.