Boost the Brown Bag

Join us to find out how to improve nutrition and save money, time and calories with lunches brought from home. You will learn cost-saving tips, recipes, and tasty time-saving ideas to make lunchtime a healthier and more nutritious experience. So, whether you are new to packing a lunch or are a seasoned foodie, we hope to intrigue and entice you to try new things and Boost your Brown Bag!

1- Register by September 6th


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3- Return your tracking sheet before October 11

You may complete this challenge any time during the 2019 calendar year. Tracking sheets returned to Employee Wellness after the due date will not accrue points to the Wellness Store, but may be used towards the Wellness Pays Rewards Program. You can not complete challenges before the challenge start date.  

Did you know.....

  • As you complete Monthly Challenges, your Wellness Wheel will become whole. View your personal Wellness Wheel on the eWeber Portal, Employee Wellness Application. Then click on the "Rewards Program" link listed in the Wellness Pays chart. 
  • Upon completion of Monthly Challenges, participants will earn points that they can then trade-in for a product through the Wellness Store
  • Monthly Challenges count as Wellness Pays Rewards activities! Complete three monthly challenges and earn $20.