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Dallin Welch

Computer Science

Why did you choose Weber State University?

I chose Weber state because it was affordable and had the best night classes schedules available. I was able to work full- time and still go to classes at night. That was something that other schools struggled with. I also liked the hybrid classes. Some of my elective classes I took online and the ones I really cared about I took in person. It really helped me with the harder classes when I was in person. 

Why did you computer science?

In my freshman year I took CS 1030 and CS 1400. After that semester I loved programming and the process of solving problems.

What advice would you offer other students?

Take advantage of every situation. When you first start out, find a group of people and see if you can take similar classes. These cause little study groups and when one person ends up getting a job, they can really help the rest of the group get one as well. Also for most CS majors, if you took CS1030 and CS1400 you are qualified for every internship interview question. When I first started out and did my own research. I thought I needed to know how to traverse a linked list as that's such a typical FAANG question, but for most of the companies you will be applying to in Utah, they will not ask any of those questions. So apply for as many internships as possible. You are all qualified if not over qualified already. Once you get your foot in the door, you will never struggle getting another CS job again. Also, don't be scared if you don't love coding, there are plenty of business positions that need CS majors. After my first internship I enjoyed coding, but I didn't love it and so I asked my boss how I could get a position like theirs where I got to solve the problem logically, plan it all out and then let a team of developers build it out. Everyone in the tech world is on your side and want to help you out, but they can't know it if you don't ask. So ask every question possible.

Where are you now?

I am an associate product manager at Entrata