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Student Internships

Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering Technology (BS), Plastics and Composites Concentration

Materials Science & Engineering Minor

Master of Science in Systems Engineering

Joint USU/WSU M.S. Degree in 
Composite Materials and Structures

Miller Advanced Research 
and Solutions (MARS)



Workforce training pipeline


  • Prototyping
  • Hi-Temp Test
  • Materials Characterization
  • Enables start-up and small company success
  • ITAR compatible student workforce

UAMMI Partnership

Missile and Energy Research

Enables consortia tackling Mach 10 materials

Enables high-production manufacturing

Provides quick ablation testing
correlated to plasma arc jet test

Industrial Leadership Board
Strategy | Talent | Funding



About MARS and Missile and Energy Research

Weber State University (WSU), Utah Advanced Materials Manufacturing Initiative (UAMMI) along with key federal (INL, AFRL, AFNWC), industry (Northrop, Boeing, Lockheed, Raytheon), State and community partners, recently sponsored MARS to address the production deficiency in high-temperature materials deployment advancing the emergent need to match known and fielded peer hypersonic capabilities in weapons delivery systems. Key objectives include:

  • Assist partner integrators with equipment and expertise solving emergent problems with large-scale manufacturability of high-temperature materials.
    • Advance the Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL) from Level 4 (~prototyping) to Level 6 (~pilot scale). Building a focused equipment set concentrating on unique, world-class, differentiating automation, scalable to mass manufacturing.
    • Functional prototype fabrication using MBSE; pilot scale demonstrators
    • Develop screening testing leading to qualification of high-temperature and ablation resistant materials.
    • Data curation with a materials properties database
  • Workforce Development—Integrate students into all the above activities (ITAR project workers and interns, assisting in developing clearances) as project security allows,  
    • for product, process, quality & systems engineering and manufacturing,
    • creating future operators, technicians, engineers, and scientists.

The Miller Advanced Research Solutions (MARS) center leverages the State of Utah’s (CapEx + OpEx) donation of a 20,000 ft2 high bay Miller Advanced Research Solutions (MARS) facility with full CNC machine shop (EDA), HAFB placement here of advanced AM tools, Weber State University’s administration, a $20M appropriation from the Utah legislature, and a $3.5M cash donation from the Miller Family Foundation.




Thank you to our sponsors!

State of Utah


weber state university College of Engineering, Applied Science & Technology


Hill Air Force Base


Utah Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Initiative


U.S. Economic Development Administration


Larry H Miller & Gail Miller Family Foundation