EET Solar Waldo Senior Capstone Project

Spring 2019- five students in the EET 3090 Project Management course elected to design and develop a solar powered yard ornament reflective of Weber State University in the shape of Waldo, the school mascot for their senior capstone project. The students were successful over two semesters of senior project, EET 4010 and EET 4020, in producing a quality product that challenged their abilities throughout the design and fabrication process. The team applied their knowledge and skills in electronics engineering technology to design, construct and program a microcontroller based project powered by a solar photovoltaic system. The students demonstrated their extended abilities in 3-D modeling and to use manufacturing technologies such as the waterjet, laser cutting, media blasting, and welding to complete the project. The system is designed to be powered on for at least five hours each evening and solar recharging the battery source during the day.


  • Ali Alahmed
  • Ahmad Alnajdi
  • Nizar Al Abdrabalrida
  • Cher Yang
  • Craig Nielsen

Associate Professor, Julianne McCulley, capstone project advisor