Weber University’s MARS Center lands LFAM System, Hosting Open House with JuggerBot 3D.

Ogden, Utah (March 11, 2024) – JuggerBot 3D, additive manufacturing (AM) OEM and Weber State University’s (WSU) Miller Advanced Research & Solutions (MARS) Center have announced the acquisition of JuggerBot 3D’s Tradesman Series™ P3-44 Pellet-Fed Large Format Additive Manufacturing (LFAM) system.
Through the purchase of this system, WSU’s MARS Center intends to print tooling for high- temperature composites and 3D-printed end products using advanced materials. Using this equipment alongside other systems found at the facility will achieve the center’s goal of addressing industry deficiencies in high-temperature composites supporting hypersonic vehicles, rocket motors, and other energy and space applications. Implementing advanced manufacturing techniques to fabricate high fidelity components for our industry partners will address a critical need to enable low cost and efficient production of these advanced materials.
“JuggerBot’s printer meets a significant need for the MARS Center. We are excited by the process controls of the system and performance capability of the Tradesman printer to further our efforts with key industry partners,” states MARS Center Executive Director Benjamin Garcia.

Utah’s Aerospace &  Defense Thought Leadership in Advanced Materials

The JuggerBot 3D’s pellet extrusion system can efficiently fabricate key components at low cost with high-performance materials. The printing system ensures a controlled and consistent environment for additive manufacturing accurately while simultaneously tracking key performance parameters. Northern Utah is a hub for defense & aerospace manufacturing with a long heritage. The Juggerbot 3D printing system can produce parts that sustain both high temperature and high strength for applications in composite tooling and final part components. 
 “We are proud to be working with an institution like Weber State University’s MARS Center, and the expertise their team has in both the aerospace and defense industries. Our first machine in Utah could have not found a better home as it will be used in applied research supporting the modern warfighter and pushes the advanced manufacturing needle forward.” Says JuggerBot 3D Vice President Daniel Fernback.
JuggerBot 3D and Weber State University’s MARS center working with Utah Advanced Materials Manufacturing Initiative (UAMMI) will be presenting at the SAMPE Utah Chapter’s Wasatch Front Material Expo in West Sandy, Utah on March 20th. Following this, on March 21st, both companies will be joined by Continuous Composites and Airtech Advanced Materials group at the MARS Center located just outside the west gate of Hill Air Force Base for an open house with machine demonstrations, facility tours, and the opportunity to meet with industry leaders.

About JuggerBot 3D

JuggerBot 3D is an additive manufacturing OEM specializing in large format systems capable of processing performance materials. We strive to design and build the finest 3D printing solutions in the world while delivering technology that meets our customers’ criteria for performance, reliability, and value. JuggerBot 3D proudly manufactures their systems in Youngstown, Ohio.

About WSU’s Miller Advanced Research and Solutions (MARS) Center

WSU’s MARS Center is a hub for industry and academia to come together on relevant project work for the students and faculty while implementing advanced manufacturing of high temperature composites to both develop our workforce and facilitate technology transfer to industry partners. The Center is being outfitted with next generation technologies and capabilities to drive innovation in low cost and efficient production methods of advanced composite materials putting WSU and the Center and the forefront of meeting this critical need for our national defense, energy, and aerospace industries. 

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