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Network Management Technology

Why Weber State?

I chose Weber State because it had a good reputation and had a major I was interested in pursuing.

Why Network Management Technology?

I originally started out as an Information Technology major before moving to Utah. During that time, I had a network class that I found fascinating. I really enjoyed learning how the Internet works and how to configure my own network from scratch, so I was excited to learn that Weber State had a major in Network Management Technology.

What Advice Would You Offer Other Students?

Put in a good effort with everything you do. Even if it’s a class you don’t really care about or a boring job task; your teachers/bosses/coworkers will notice and appreciate your hard work. You never know who might recommend you for job opportunities or other awesome extra curricular activities that you wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

Where are you now?

I currently work at Weber State in the Network & Communications department.