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rachel laub

Computer science

Why did you choose Weber State University?

I chose Weber State because of their Computer Science program was hands on and a full ride scholarship I got as an Admissions Ambassador.

Why did you choose Computer science?

I was introduced to tech when I was in a computer's in business class in 8th grade. The teacher had her web developer son teach us how to build a website. I had to build a website as an assignment. The requirement was 5 pages and I ended up making 20 because I liked it so much. From there I went to a tech college where I found a passion for programming. When I started Weber State I declared my major as Computer Science and stuck with it!

What advice would you offer other students?

Your college experience is entirely up to you. What you put into college is what you get out of it. Join clubs, go to events and find internships. All are great ways to gain experience and network.

Where are you now?

I recently graduated with an MBA in IT Management. I just left my job as a Software Developer and have started a job as a Product Owner. I am really excited for what this job holds for me. As a Product Owner I get the best of both worlds. On one hand, I get to work on the business side of the company where I will be in contact with internal and external software stakeholders. Then I still get to work on the software side and be over a team of developers where I manage the product that they are working on. I am excited for this career shift and what the future holds as I learn this new skill.