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Mechanical Engineering Technology

Why did you choose Weber State University?

I took many courses at SLCC, and Weber State University accepted most of my transfers. After talking to my friends that have attended Weber, I decided to try out the flexible culture of Weber Wildcats. Flexibility was an important value to a nontraditional student like me.

Why did you choose mechanical engineering technology?

I initially majored in Design Engineering because I can project my ideas to computer models freely; however, I began to want an understanding of the practical side of each design. Therefore, I changed my major to Mechanical Engineering Technology (We didn't have a Mechanical Engineering BS degree at that time).

What advice would you offer other students?

First, treat your courses and homework very seriously. Once you get used to this mentality, nothing can be in your way. Your future employer will appreciate how much effort you put into every project, but for you, it's just a natural habit to do the best you could. Second, always be open to learning new things. Most of the information you learn at school may not be used again; yet, the process of learning, researching, and adapting will stick with you forever. Third, never stop trying. I was worried about not getting any job prior to graduation due to lack of experience, but I managed to get an internship with Orbital ATK (now it is Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems) to be an industrial engineering intern right after graduating. From there, they hired me soon after to be a Mission Assurance (Quality) Engineer. Industrial engineering and Quality were not what I have studied before in school, but they won't stop me from continuously learning and succeeding in my position.

Where are you now?

I am currently working at BAE Systems as Sr. Systems Safety Engineer. Our building is located inside the west gate Hill Air Force Base. I just finished my Master of Systems Engineering as well and I am still working on transferring to the Model Base Systems Engineering team.