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Diego Higueros

Computer Science with a minor in Entrepreneurship

Why did you choose Weber State University?

I chose to attend Weber State University for several reasons. Firstly, WSU offers a fantastic education at a very reasonable price. Compared to other local universities, I was able to save myself thousands of dollars on tuition and student fees. Secondly, WSU offers small class sizes. Having attended a larger university with class sizes of 150+ students, WSU's class sizes of 20-30 students made me feel valued and listened to. Thirdly, the faculty at WSU were deeply engaged in my learning and cared about seeing me succeed. They took many steps to help me be successful and were always happy to answer my questions.

Why did you choose Computer Science?

My major was computer science and my minor was entrepreneurship. I choose to pursue computer science because I enjoy problem solving. Learning computer science helped me develop my critical thinking skills. Additionally, there is an ever-growing need for computer scientists, guaranteeing my future job security. I choose to study entrepreneurship because I was interested in learning more about financial literacy and the aspects that make a business successful.

What advice would you offer other students?

My best advice to other students is to get involved. When I first started my education, I didn't want to get involved in my classes or with clubs. It made my education feel stale and lonely. Getting involved transformed my university experience. I got involved with several clubs and started engaging my peers and faculty. This helped me to get nominated for several scholarships, which helped me graduate debt-free! More importantly, it helped me feel happy and excited to come to school!

Where are you now?

I currently work as a software development project lead for Hill Air Force Base. My connections and recommendations from faculty at WSU helped me get my position. I just completed my masters of business administration from Western Governors University. I plan to use my MBA to further my management career at HAFB. I own my own software development business called Loft 801 Entertainment and I plan on focusing my free time to further develop it. Where am I now? I am in a state of happiness and growth.