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Computer Science

Why Weber State?

I choose Weber State University because of the online school capability. My education has always been important to me, but I have never had the luxury of going to school and not working a full-time job as well. Weber State enabled me the ability to work full-time and then attend a full-time semester as well at night or online.

Why did you choose computer science?

I went into Weber not knowing what major I wanted to pursue. Instead, I first completed my Associates of General Studies. During that time of getting my first degree, I researched all the different majors and choose Computer Science for a few reasons. First, I have always liked technology (although at that time in my life I had never programmed before). Second, I knew that Computer Science was an all-encompassing degree that would give me many options as far as getting a job in the industry. Finally, I discovered in myself that I love the pursuit of creating things that I can visualize in my head. I learned this ability in myself from building snowboarding jumps/features with my friends. I knew that Computer Science would enable me to create things that I can think of; a career where only my mind is my limitation.

What Advice Would You Offer Other Students?

I would say to reach out to career services ASAP! I think that the whole advantage of having a college degree fades very quickly if one cannot get a job. I struggled for over 7 months applying for jobs and getting interviews in the Computer Science industry. I never seemed to catch a break, even though I must have applied for hundreds of jobs. The day that I met with Kim Ealy about my resume, she helped me improve it significantly. Then she also was able to get me a connection to the Software Group on Hill AFB. If I had never met with her or other career resources on campus, I don't think I would be in the industry yet.

Where are you now?

I am currently working as a Computer Science intern for the 309th Software Engineering group. I work on the PRC2 team, they are responsible for the software involved with finding soldiers that have gone missing or gone down in a plane crash. I already have a full position waiting for me when I graduate in December. The sense of relief knowing that I have a job in my last semester of school is very comforting. I am also in the application phases of being in the PAQ program at Hill AFB. This program would pay for my Master's degree as well as pay my salary while I just go to school for a year, and not work. My future and the financial steadiness of my family is in a very good place because of all the resources I had at WSU.