Moyes College of Education Orientation

Thank you for your interest in Moyes College of Education. Our college has 4 departments with a variety of majors and minors in each. We strongly recommend visiting with each department’s academic advisor(s) to learn more about each program and classes you should take.

Helpful Tips

  • Make an advising appointment with the correct department advisor. Even though drop-ins are welcome, priority is given to student appointments. 
  • To maximize your advising appointment, submit all of your transcripts to Weber State University before scheduling an appointment.
  • To see how classes transfer, please see our Transfer Guide.
  • Know and memorize your Wildcat ID/W#.
  • Find out what your English and Math Placement scores are, and register for the corresponding course early in your academic career. Placements can be found on your CatTracks
  • Utilize the Graduation MAPS tool to help you plan your course schedule semester-by-semester.
  • Review your General Education requirements.
  • Check out further student resources.

Child & Family Studies (CHF)

Exercise & Nutrition Sciences (ENS)

Health, Physical Education & Recreation (HPER)

Teacher Education