Transfer Guide

Transfer guides help you determine how your transfer courses may articulate at WSU. This guide is a tool, and not intended to be an official evaluation. Many factors affect how credits transfer (grades, the year the course was taken, etc.). It is important to work with an advisor when transferring.

Transfer credit is awarded in accordance with the following stipulations:

  • If the sending institution is regionally accredited, all college level courses are entered onto the WSU academic record. Developmental coursework is entered on the record but will not count toward GPA or count toward degree requirements.
  • Credit awarded may or may not apply toward certain degree requirements. 
  • Academic departments evaluate transfer credit and determine equivalency.
  • Transfer courses may articulate to a WSU catalog course. If a transfer course does not align with any WSU catalog courses, the course will be articulated as departmental elective (e.g., ENGL 1XXX) or general elective (e.g., ELEC 1XXX).

How to use the Transfer Guide:

  • Select a transfer institution
  • Enter or select a course

If you can not find your course in the Transfer Guide, it has not yet been evaluated at our Institution. In this case, you may submit an Equivalency Review Request.

Have you completed the admissions process? If not, you need to complete an application and send your official transcripts from every institution you have attended. For more information, please contact our Admissions Office.