We are still here for you. We continue to offer virtual and in-person services, events & engagement opportunities.

Black Lives Matter


Student Affairs stands with our Black, African-American and African students, staff and community members. You are important to us. We are here to listen, support and walk with you. Please reach out to any of our resources below if you need help or have any concerns.

The Division of Student Affairs will continue staff training and self-evaluation around diversity-specific topics. We pledge to make all students who use Student Affairs programs and services feel welcome and safe. We also offer workshops to other campus and community entities on the topics of diversity, safety and leadership. We promise to continue our education while educating others because we are passionate about student success, and we care about each and every one of you.

Student Affairs Resources:

We offer free counseling, advising, mentoring and other services to help you process, discuss and learn more about the issues of race and equality:



  • student president

    “As we approach fall semester with uncertainty, I am committed to providing what we can for the student body and going above and beyond to support my fellow Wildcats during this time. Weber State is staffed with people who've got your back and are working hard to provide the best education and experience for you. You have a whole university by your side!” Learn more about your WSUSA representatives!

  • student

    “I will be walking in August. I’m a first-generation college graduate, which is a big thing for my family. They are all excited about me finishing, so you bet I want to celebrate my accomplishment by walking! One piece of advice I would give to other Wildcats working on graduating is life doesn’t stop for a college student and it gets hard at
    times, but you are capable of doing hard things. Keep pushing!” 

  • student

    “I know that after this pandemic, I am still going to have the constant reminder of graduation. That is why I’m not delaying anything! My biggest motivation for online classes has been to remember that this is all temporary! These times are uncertain and scary, but so are most things we encounter during our lives. Finding Nemo depicted this message the best: ‘Just keep swimming’ Wildcats!”

  • student

    "Of course I am walking in August! Who would not want to walk and show their pride for surviving what has been the craziest semester of their life?! Not only that, but I am walking for every single person that has supported me in getting to this point. I am walking to show the world that I made it. I am so grateful for the people that I've met, the places I’ve traveled and the lessons that I have learned.”