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Trauma Informed Yoga
January 24


January 25, 26 & 27


WSU Ski Day
January 27


Alex Sheen
January 30


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  • Dani

    "I’m from a quaint little town in central Wyoming and coming to Weber State in Ogden was like coming to the ‘big city,’ at first. This place quickly became home and the many who readily welcomed me soon became family. Originally, the low monetary cost paired with the great programs were why I chose Weber State over the others, but now the people are why I stay. Currently, I am the President of Delta Chi Nu, the Vice President of the Weber State Greek Council, and the Administrative Assistant to the Senate. I love this university because students here aren’t treated like numbers, we’re treated like real people with real ideas and real life solutions."

  • harrison

    “My journey to Weber State started on college tours with my family. The seven of us packed into a van and we did seven schools in seven days. Weber was the second school we looked at and the only school I wanted to go to. Sometimes I feel weird saying it, but I kind of had that movie moment. The first time I stepped onto this campus and just started walking around and doing the tours I couldn’t really picture myself anywhere else. From that moment on Weber State was just my home and the other schools didn’t really matter. I’m so glad I really didn’t even consider anywhere else because this has been my home for over two years now and I love it. ”

  • kenzie“I honestly think the Emerging Leader Program is the best program here at Weber. All my friends had gone to other colleges so I didn’t know anyone at first. But through joining this program I met two of my best friends. My mentor and the director of the program noticed my potential and gave me the Emerging Leader of the Year award, and then my next year they appointed me to the Emerging Leader Mentor position. And now I am an Elected Officer in the Student Association as the Leadership Vice President and get to oversee the Emerging Leaders program, and I couldn’t be happier.”  
  • andrew

    "The hardest part about being a student athlete is balancing school, football, sleep and eating. The most rewarding part is playing. We get so close. I really do believe there's a good amount of people here that I'll know for the rest of my life. My favorite moment at Weber State was a game we played down in Southern Utah. We were down 22 points with nine minutes left in the fourth quarter and we ended up coming back to win the game by one point. Some of our fans left because they thought the game was over, but we just kept fighting and that was one of the craziest locker rooms I've ever been in. When there are a lot of people in the stands we play better. Fans help us win!"