• student president

    “As we approach fall semester with uncertainty, I am committed to providing what we can for the student body and going above and beyond to support my fellow Wildcats during this time. Weber State is staffed with people who've got your back and are working hard to provide the best education and experience for you. You have a whole university by your side!” Learn more about your WSUSA representatives!

  • student

    “I will be walking in August. I’m a first-generation college graduate, which is a big thing for my family. They are all excited about me finishing, so you bet I want to celebrate my accomplishment by walking! One piece of advice I would give to other Wildcats working on graduating is life doesn’t stop for a college student and it gets hard at
    times, but you are capable of doing hard things. Keep pushing!” 

  • student

    “Covid-19 has changed my perspective on life and education in a lot of ways. It has helped me understand the importance of trying to be as best prepared for unprecedented circumstances, as well as how fast life can change on you. Also, it’s very important to not take the days that I live lightly and to make a more worthwhile attempt at being the best version of me should it be my last day on this planet.”

  • student

    "I lived in California for a few years. I would always notice all of the graffiti on the trains and buildings. A lot of people say its vandalism, and some of it is, but I love the positive graffiti art that uses words such as: hope, love and be optimistic. I have found a new hobby in graffiti art. I don’t vandalize buildings or anything, but I love to draw in that style. All of the bright colors describe who I am and I love to see how they can make others happy!”