• student

    "It's important to find people to support you. Finding a mentor, some kind of person to look up to or seek guidance from, to motivate you, can help you in so many ways. I am a mentor on campus. One of my end goals is to make sure that the students I interact with are comfortable with who they are and being around me."

  • student

    “I work with freshmen and sophomores in the Emerging Leaders Program. The Emerging Leaders Program is for incoming students to get to know different areas and organizations on campus. I became a mentor because I wanted to help students realize it's okay to get out of your comfort zone. It's amazing to see them grow as leaders.”

  • student

    "We as a football team love you. Please come out to the game. We want you all there. We appreciate all of the support. You truly don’t know how much it helps us out on the field. The energy in the stands makes the game more fun for me and all of my teammates. I’m going to be energetic with you and we are going to put on a show for you. Go Wildcats. "

  • shalay

    "I told myself before coming here that I was going to get involved in whatever I could. I try to be a positive influence to the people around me. I don’t miss class, I make sure to do all of my homework and then I try to help others when they are struggling in classes as well. College isn’t as scary as you might think it is. You just have to do your best to get involved however you can."