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"Don't be afraid to follow your dreams. Just hop in and enjoy every part of it."

Valeria Pena Ojeda, Paraguay



"I know that it's scary to move to another city in another country with another culture with another language, but when you are here, it's not that bad. There's always going to be someone trying to help and understand you so you're not going to be alone."

Maria Molina Aguirre, Colombia



"Come! Come here! Come and attend Weber State because it's amazing and you will not waste your time and you will get the best education you can."

Melissa Gonzalez Munhoz Silva, Brazil



"If you're already considering this, it's a good idea. Just come. You're not going to regret it."

Billy Mutegetsi, Rwanda



"I chose Weber because I like the diversity it has. It was one of the universities I felt like I could fit in."

Laura Tufino, Ecuador