Weber State University Ogden Campus Map

Ogden Campus Map

Building Directory

Name Grid
Browning Center C4 BC
Campus Services A3 CS
Davidson Track Locker Rooms C2 TR
Dee Events Center D1 DC
Elizabeth Hall B3 EH
Engineering Technology B3 ET
Facilities Management A1 FM
Heat Plant A3 HP
Hurst Center for Lifelong Learning D5 HC
Information Booth C5 IN
Kimball Visual Arts Center C4 KA
Lampros Hall C3 LP
Lind Lecture B2 LL
Lindquist Alumni Center E5 AL
Marriott Health C3 MH
McKay Education B4 ED
Miller Administration B4 MA
Portable Classrooms A3, B2 M1-4
Public Safety A5 PS
Receiving and Distribution Services A1 RD
Residence Hall I E4 R1
Residence Hall III E4 R3
Science Lab B2 SL
Shepherd Union C4 SU
Social Science B4 SS
Stadium House D2 AA
Stewart Bell Tower B3 ST
Stewart Library C3 LI
Stewart Stadium Sky Suites C2 SK
Stewart Wasatch Hall E4 R2
Stromberg Stadium Offices C2 SD
Stromberg Strength Training C2 WR
Student Services Center B4 SC
Swenson Building C3 SW
Technical Education B3 TE
Tracy Hall Science Center B3 TY
University Village E2 V1-5
Village Community Center E2 VC
Wattis Business B4 WB
Wildcat Center for Health Education and Wellness C3 WI
Wildcat Village E4 R1-3

Annex Directory

Name Grid
Fatigue Studies Lab A3 A02
Outdoor Program D2 A09
Upward Bound A3 A03
Veteran’s Services D4 A05
Veteran’s Upward Bound A4 A12

Non-campus Buildings

Name Grid
Marquardt Field House D2 MF
Newman Center A4 NC
Ogden LDS Institute A4 OI
Weber State Credit Union E5 CU

Parking Lots

Code Description
A1-A14 Permits as Designated
A1, A2, A7 Visitor Meters
DC Dee Center A,W and RW Permits 
(Shuttle Available)
PPL Public Pay Lot
R1-R4 Residence Halls/R, RW and A Permits
S1 Children's School Permit
S3-S4 Special Use Permits
W1-10 W, R/W and A Permits
Motorcycle Parking
ADA Access
AED (Automated External Defibrillator)
*Latest known AED locations

 Ride the Wildcat Express Shuttle

All Weber State University parking is by permit only. You can buy a $27 pass and always find a place to park in one of the 3,000 available spaces at the Dee Events Center. The shuttle runs from the Dee Events Center to the bus stop south of the Browning Center and back to the Dee Events Center.

The shuttle operates from 6:30 AM to 8:30 PM.  The shuttle runs at 5-minute intervals from 7:45 AM to 1:30 PM and every 15 minutes outside of this time frame.
Questions? 801-626-7220 or 801-626-6294