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pamela, entrepreneurship, '18PAMELA GODWIN

Entrepreneurship (minor), '18

"I started college about a thousand years ago, before the earth's crust cooled.  I ended up having my family and then up put my education on hold while I home schooled my kids for 11 years." Pamela is a non-traditional student all around.  Juggling the roles of mom, wife, student, working woman and entrepreneur, Pamela found an interesting path to her set of degrees. 

Check out Pamela's full video story here.


Pamela is a non-traditional student in most every sense of the word, "I started college about a thousand years ago, before the earth's crust cooled.  I ended up having my family and then up put my education on hold while I home schooled my kids for 11 years.

We moved to the Ogden area and I had already started going back to school after a long hiatus.  At the time, I had looked at a bunch of different schools, but I ultimately choose Weber because I felt like it had the most to offer.  It was definitely less expensive than most of the other options, but I don't feel like at the time that there was any compromise in quality, in fact, I felt like there was more opportunity to develop relationships with the faculty at Weber than what I would have had at a bigger school.  I felt like the programs here were exactly what I needed."


"I found the entrepreneurship program when I was walking on campus and saw a little advertisement that said you could earn up to $15,000 in grants to start a business.  I knew I wanted to go to grad school but I wasn't sure in what yet.  I knew that I was going to have to be at Weber for another few semesters before I graduated, so I thought I already have a minor, but why not, I'm just going to go for it.  I went and talked to the director of the program. He was very encouraging of my idea so I went ahead and registered the minor. It has really been the most rewarding program that I have done so far."


Pamela is the president of the Weber Entrepreneur Association.  This is actually a paid position where she receives a stipend for leading a team of eight ambassadors.  They host multiple competitions throughout the year.  "It's an awesome experience working with these people, and developing leadership abilities that I didn't know I had. Brandon Stoddard is the new director of the center and he has been incredibly encouraging as well." 


Through the help of the entrepreneurship minor, club and center, Pamela entered her business, Sideshow Vintage Photo Booth into the Startup Weber competition and won the first place prize of $10,000. Lucille, the star of Sideshow Vintage Photo Booth Co., is a 1956 canned ham camper converted into a traveling portrait machine that works as guest book, entertainment, and party favor in one.  "I would not be in the position I am in without the entrepreneurship club."


As a busy mom, student and entrepreneur, Pamela knows about the issue of 'no time'.  But if Pamela can juggle it, anyone can juggle it. "Before I transferred to Weber I was a student at the University of Memphis, I was never involved in any clubs of any kind because I was a non-traditional student. I went home and took care of my family and I went to school and did my school work and the two worlds were completely separated. I just didn't have time for anything else and there, I didn't have the opportunity for involvement, but here at Weber, I've been given every opportunity to become involved. I've not only been the president of the entrepreneurship club, but I've been involved in the anthropology club and involved in my other areas of interest too. I don't think that anyone should be afraid of dedicating the time to the clubs and organizations. I think that there such a huge payoff and its such a valuable use of your time."    


Pamela is currently in her last few semesters before she finishes her degree in anthropology with a double minor in legal studies and entrepreneurship.  Her start-up, Sideshow Vintage Photo Booth, has started to take off and now appears all over the city at weddings, art shows, neighborhood events and more.