Apply for Weber State Graduation

Applying for Weber State Graduation as a Concurrent Enrollment or Early College Senior requires three simple steps:

Step 1: Complete the Status Switch

Find the "Status Switch" app in the eWeber Portal, fill in your information and submit it.


Step 2: Declare your Program of Study

Complete the Dual Enrollment Program of Study Form. Provide your information and the university credential(s) you plan to graduate with by the end of high school and submit it.

The form will be processed and added to your student file once the status switch for you account has been completed.


Step 3: Apply for WSU Graduation

After the Status Switch and Program of Study have been completed and added to your account, you are ready for the final step.

Find the "Graduation Application" app in the eWeber portal, complete the form and submit it for the Spring or Summer semester of your HS graduation year.


Other Important Information and Celebrating your Achievment!

Review your Degree Progress:

After the above steps have been completed, your certificate or degree declaration will appear in Cattracks. Check your Cattracks to verify that all of your credits are complete or in progress.

Post Test and External Credit:

Make sure any AP test scores and external non-WSU college credit has been sent to WSU and posted to your transcript. If you have yet to take the test or finish another college course, ensure you know how to send those over immediately after completion. See our Test and Transfer Credit page for more information.

Enjoy the High School Senior Graduation Celebration:

Whether you are on track or not to graduate with a university certificate or degree by the end of high school, you and your family are invited to our High School Senior Graduation Celebration. This event is all about celebrating you and your hard work so save it on your calendars because we are excited to celebrate with you! Check it out and save the date on the Dual Enrollment Events page!

Attend and Walk at your WSU Graduation Ceremony:

You and your family are welcome to participate in the WSU Graduation Ceremony hosted by the college that awards your degree if you have applied to graduate with a credential from WSU. Information about Weber State's Graduation Ceremonies in the Spring can be found on the WSU Graduation Website during Spring Semester. Your free cap, gown, and cords can be picked up at the Dual Enrollment High School Senior Graduation Celebration Event.