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What is Concurrent Enrollment?

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How does it work?

Concurrent Enrollment is an opportunity to receive required credits for high school graduation while also earning college credit. These Concurrent Enrollment courses cost significantly less money when compared with standard university tuition rates.

Under the Weber State University Concurrent Enrollment model, students take college classes in high school from high school instructors who are certified by WSU to be qualified adjunct faculty. Students are required to be admitted to Weber State University and register for courses through their high school and the university. Concurrent Enrollment students can earn up to 30 credits in one academic year.

Hear from former Dual Enrollment students and parents about their experiences in our programs on the Students Page!

How much does it cost?

Students are required to pay a tuition of $5 per credit* at the time of registration. There is also a one-time Weber State University application fee of $30**. Students never have to pay that fee again. Books and supplies may or may not be covered by the school district.

*Some courses require additional course fees for class materials

**Use Waiver Code: FreeApp to waive the application fee!



Benefits of Participating in Concurrent Enrollment (CE)

Save Money

The cost for Concurrent Enrollment courses is significantly less than the cost of tuition and fees for the same or a similar course taken directly through a university. Below is a comparison of the approximate cost of tuition and fees for a three credit hour course through Concurrent Enrollment vs. several in-state universities. Earning credit through CE courses can potentially save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars!

Students who qualify for free/reduced lunch through their school district are eligible to take CE courses for free. Please talk to your CTE coordinator or high school counselor for more information.

  Concurrent Enrollment Weber State University Utah Tech University Utah Valley University Southern Utah University Utah State University University of Utah
Tuition and Fees for a 3 Credit Hour Course $15 $1,160.22 $788.38 $1,024.50 $1,187.80 $1,631.17 $2,003.47

Earn Scholarships

In addition to saving money through the reduced cost of Concurrent Enrollment, there are scholarships available for CE students when you transition to being a full-time college student after high school graduation. Visit our Post-CE Scholarship page for more information.

Earn a Certificate or Degree

Students who take CE courses through Weber State University can potentially earn a certificate or degree by the time they graduate high school. This requires careful planning and can depend on what CE courses are available at your high school. Be sure to meet with a CE advisor to discuss if this is right for you. 

Prepare for College

CE courses and instructors must meet a strict set of requirements to ensure that students are receiving a college-level education. By participating in Concurrent Enrollment, students get a preview of what it is like to take a college course. 


We know that navigating college in high school can be confusing or overwhelming. That is why we have an amazing team of Dual Enrollment advisors that are dedicated to supporting your success. Visit the advising page for helpful guides and scheduling group or individual sessions to make the most of this opportunity and achieve your goals.