Studio 76

Create your own content while learning digital media skills

What is Studio 76?

Studio 76 is a fully operational video production studio. We produce a wide variety of shows as we hone our digital media skills. As a student-run organization, we tell stories, highlight community events and cover campus news. We aim to engage, inform and entertain our fellow Wildcats.  

What We Produce

We produce a variety of content from semester to semester, including news, movies, music videos, documentaries, commercials, and even series. One production titled "Train City Eats" was a show for foodies in Ogden. Other series have focused on outdoor recreation ideas or short comedy sketches.

What You Will Learn

Students involved in Studio 76 learn all things digital video, from live studio multi-camera operations and newscasting to in-the-field live-streaming or event storytelling. We concentrate on getting good pictures and editing together impressive content for ourselves and others.

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Aaron Atkins

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