Speech Showcase/Weber Speaks

What is Speech Showcase?

Every fall and spring semester, the best speaker from each of the 25 or so sections of Principles of Public Speaking (Comm. 1020), a general education class, battle it out on Selection Saturday to become a finalist during the Speech Showcase sponsored by the Department of Communication. Five finalists perform their speeches in front of a crowd of hundreds and receive a small cash prize but big bragging rights.

What is Weber Speaks?

Weber Speaks gets Weber State University students out of the classroom and into the community to sharpen their public speaking skills while informing city leaders about topics of interest. Students who are among the best in the Department of Communication’s public speaking courses present in front of local governments regarding a variety of topics that those governments choose. The participants are honored at the Speech Showcase every fall and spring semester. 

Fall 2017

The Speech Showcase finalists included:

  • Colton Bell: The Magic of Perception
  • Taylor Montierth: Financial Stability and the Overall Quality of Life
  • Rebekah Linford: This is the Place: Where it isn't Safe to be a Child
  • Noah Bratton: College Campuses and the Threat to Freedom of Speech
  • Travis Monson: Stereotypes are a pain in the Asperger's

The other students selected to compete in Selection Saturday were Breanna Bodle, Riley Cearley,   Raphael Even-Hen, Nick DiPrima, Alyssa Hansen, Olivia Hicks, Sydnie Howarth, David Kristensen, Mikaela Martinez, Mitch Parkinson, Dallin Saunders and Kaitlyn Spencer.

Spring 2017

The Speech Showcase finalists included:

  • Geoff Hasty: Correcting our Correctional System
  • Taylor Dawson: Monsters of the Mind
  • Megan Christensen: Giving Foster Children a Voice
  • Mykell Rivera: Worthy of Your Dreams
  • Samantha Bunderson: Recognizing Signs and Symptoms of Child Abuse

The other students selected to compete in Selection Saturday were Karleen Bogart, Samantha Brailsford, Savanah Finch, Jenny Hawkins, Hannah Huffman, Austin LaFleur, Lisah Mounga, Vasiliki Papadopoulou, Michael Phelps, Nichole Rogers, Auston Tesch, Alexandria Wilkes, Gavin Wilkey and Karlianne Whittington.

Fall 2016

The Speech Showcase finalists included:

  • Jade Cheyenne: What is the Price You are Willing to Pay for a College Education?
  • Sonja Schuette: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Tamara Higgs: Protecting Children and Families from Pornography
  • Skyler Clark: The Power of Praise
  • Kailey Christensen: Bail
  • JJ Bitton: Gender Wage Gap

The other students selected to compete in Selection Saturday were Jack Brown, Jack Burton, Ryan Christ, Jace Colby, Connor Dalley, Jayden Fulmer, Kodi Harrop, Jared Haslem, Timothy Isom, Jared Johnson, Parker Langeveld, Caitlyn Larsen, Jacob Lowe, Richard Nielson, Lindsey Oliva, Ryan Roberts, Steven Sanchez, Joshua Schlichte, Sonja Schuette, Kenna Stansfield, Keaton Wight.

Spring 2016 

The Speech Showcase finalists included:

  • Kierstin Pitcher: Failure of family courts
  • Michelle Miles: Victims of sexual assault
  • Colt Florence: Negative effects of social media
  • Marin Tarbox: Discrimination of children of LGBT couples
  • Mike Fifer: The importance of recycling
  • Tony Villalba: Utah paradox – happy and sad

The other students selected to compete in Selection Saturday were Nathan Bateman, Giovanna Bonella, Michael Conn, Emily Eldredge, Brock Embley, Natalie Fuchs, Rachel Halverson, Caitlin Hammon, Penny Hansen, Natalie Heiner, Tara Hoellin, Jenna Jay, Mitchell Keahey, Courtney Kirkendall, Megan Luke,  Janet Oviatt, Shawnee Tebbs and Ethan Willie.

The Weber Speaks participants included:

  • Justin Cypers
  • Collin Devino
  • Nicholas Giarman
  • Marissa Hinrichs   

Fall 2015

The Speech Showcase finalists included:

  •  Holly Morphet: Self harm
  • Aaron Cook: Insect consumption
  • Trevor Grayson: Learning disabilities
  • Nathan Tinsley: Arts funding
  • Kristine Bowman: Smile
  • Lindsey Moss: Active-shooter response

The Weber Speaks participants included:

  • Colten Ferrin
  • Carver Nicholas
  • Wisper Pentz
  • Jesse Saltzgiver
  • Oliver Schick
  • Connor Simmons
  • Tyler Wilson
  • Dallyn Zaugg

Spring 2015

The Speech Showcase finalists included:

  • Olivia Shaw
  • Joshua Willden
  • Chad Colby
  • Caleb Heder
  • Jillian Quilter

Honorable mention awards went to Aubrey Snelson, Matthew Wilkinson and Delaney Woodfield. The semifinalists were Patricia Danklef, Kenneth Gordon, Mosiah Gonzalez, Christopher Montoya, Jericho Pineda, Mike Rose, Tyson Jex, Jason Squire, Rhett Steadman, Richard Mickelsen and Brennan West. To watch the speeches of the five finalists, see https://wsustudio76.com/speech-showcase-2015-2/.

The Weber Speaks participants included:

  • Jocelyn Adams
  • Ana Caceras-Moldonado
  • Cara Darr
  • Brandon Goodrich
  • Dawn Goss
  • Brandon Hyer
  • Brady Libby
  • Alexa Peterson
  • Hayley Waldbillig


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