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INT Attribute

What is the INT Attribute?

The INT Attribute designates a course as an "internship" and lets students know that during this course they will engage with professionals in experiential learning. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Any existing course at WSU that meets the INT criteria may receive the designation.
  • All sections of a course must be designated or none of them. It cannot be instructor specific.
  • INT designated courses may be "required" or "optional" for students.

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Why should I apply for the INT Attribute?

Being able to identify these courses will allow the university to more accurately identify and report to its stakeholders how many students are participating in for-credit internships.

In a study conducted by the Collegiate Employment Research Institute, 66% of employers indicated that they want students to have two or more internship type experiences.

This attribute will make it easier for students when they are registering for courses to identify which courses are considered internships. When looking at a student's transcript, employers can also more readily identify the number of internship courses that the student completed. Lastly, in job interviews, students are better able to articulate "work experiences" as they recollect their INT courses.

What are the criteria for INT Designation?

The INT Curriculum Committee uses the following criteria to determine the designation:

  • Application - The main focus of the course needs to be skills application and field experience, external to the classroom environment.
  • Set timeline - Established start and end dates. Most internships follow an academic calendar and are one semester in length, but may be extended.
  • Location - Internships may be located on-site with an employer in a professional setting or embedded within a formal organization. Internships may also be done remotely, working with an employer or professional virtually. Internships may also be on-campus with an on-campus employer or working professional.
  • Education - Mentoring is provided from professionals who are practicing in the area of learning, related to the student's career interests. New learning is agreed upon by the student and employer or working professional. Students need to have established learning outcomes approved by the course Faculty member.
  • Credit - Students will receive course credit (letter grade or pass/fail) for their internship. Requirements for receiving credit may vary from major to major.
  • Compensation - May be paid or unpaid. If unpaid, professionals need to follow established guidelines set forth by the FLSA.

How are internships defined by the university?

In addition to the criteria listed above, the Defining Internships Committee has determined that an internship is experiential education in a professional setting, where students combine classroom learning with practical skills and application. Students may earn academic credit for their declared major when the new learning that takes place during an internship is related to their major and/or career interest.

How do I apply for the INT Attribute?

You can apply in two easy steps:

  1. Review the criteria above and prepare your syllabus.
  2. Complete this Givepulse Form, it will have you attach a copy of your course syllabus to it.

Once you've completed these steps, the INT Curriculum Committee will review your application using the above-mentioned criteria and definition. Upon approval, the course instructor, department chair, department administrative assistant and dean will be notified.

When do I need to apply?

For class taught in:

  • Spring Semester: Due October 1
  • Summer and Fall Semesters: Due March 1

Information about the INT Committee The committee will review incoming courses to be approved for an INT attribute. This committee consists of a Faculty representative from each college, the Assistant Director of Internships from Career Services and another Career Counselor representative.

The committee will have a 3/2/1 year membership so the committee doesn't turnover all at the same time. The Assistant Director of Internships from Career Services will be its one standing member.

The INT Committee meets twice each year prior to catalog deadlines, as needed. They review and consider courses submitted via Curriculog requesting the INT attribute.

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If you are interested in becoming a member of the INT Curriculum Committee, please contact:

INT Learning Outcomes and Rubric

WSU Career Services and the INT Attribute Committee suggest that these are the learning outcomes that all students enrolled in INT courses should be able to demonstrate by the end of their INT experience.


If you have questions, please contact