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Lindquist College Arts & Humanities Advising

Welcome to the Lindquist College Advising Office. Congratulations on choosing a major that is often the most sought out by employers. We are committed to serving all students and excited to help you take advantage of the many resources available at Weber State University.

We have three advisors dedicated to helping you succeed. No question is too big or complicated. As a student at WSU, you will encounter many expected and unexpected situations. We encourage you to meet during times most convenient for you — yes, this means we will work around your schedule. We get it. Finding a time to meet can be a challenge.

Want to get the most out of your experience? Be sure to meet with one of our college advisors AND your academic advisor at least once a semester to ensure you are walking across the stage with diploma in hand in no time at all.

Meet Your Advisors

Debbi Murphy

Senior College Academic Advisor

Elizabeth  Hall, room 413A


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Tricia Cook

College Academic Advisor

Elizabeth Hall, room 413B


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Nick Berg

College Academic Advisor

Elizabeth Hall 414A


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Our college advisors are located in Elizabeth Hall.

Know Your Requirements

Weber State’s GradMAPS show a semester-by-semester plan for taking all classes needed to earn your degree.

Specialized Major Advising

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