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Weber State's math and English placement process helps you find initial placement and other courses in the right pathway to reach graduation as efficiently as possible.

  • Your math placement is the first step toward completing the math requirement for graduation which is referred to as your Quantitative Literacy (QL) requirement.
  • Your English placement is the first step toward completing what is called your Composition requirement, which is also required for graduation. 

While students straight out of high school can often use certain test scores to receive placement, we have a variety of options including FREE PLACEMENT TESTING and information available to those in numerous other situations.

For newly enrolled students: If you've taken the ACT or SAT in the last two years, you can request that ACT or SAT submit your scores to Weber State, OR if your test scores are included on your high school transcript, you can have the high school email your official transcript to

Free placement testing for math and English is available.

Math & English Pathways

Once you’ve learned where you’ll be starting, whether through scores or placement testing, you’ll choose a pathway. These pathways are recommended course sequences that fit your program of study. If you start in one pathway you can move to another, but you should talk to an advisor first.