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Math Placement & Requirements

The key to math success is starting off in the right class.
Save time and money, and spare yourself frustration, by finding the course that fits your skills and needs.

Know Where You're Going
to See Where You Start

Talk with your college advisor to plan out the best approach to meeting your requirements.
To get an idea of where your starting point might be, you can check CatTracks.

If you don't have results in CatTracks, there are three ways to find the right level of math class for you:

Option 1 
Automatic Placement

You have a high school GPA and
ACT math score.

Option 2 
Placement Testing

You don't have GPA/ACT math scores.
You want to challenge your automatic placement.

Option 3 
Start at the Beginning

You can take MATH 0950 - Pre-algebra without scores or placement testing.




Find the best course
type for you.

Math Paths (pdf)

Use the Hub for
math help.

Math Hub


Talk to a math


Tip: Take Math Early!

Delaying math can end up delaying graduation down the road.  


Know Your Requirements

Math Placement Details & Quantitative Literacy Requirements