Summer 2019 E-Update

Staff Updates

We’d like to welcome Poonam Keral as an Administrative Specialist II in Study Abroad, and Ioana Vulpe as an Advisor for Recruiting and Admissions in the International Student & Scholar Center. Connie Frazier has accepted the position as Director of Housing and Residence Life and arrived for her first day on June 3. Marzzieh Larsen has left her position as an Administrative Associate in the VPSA Office to stay home with her new baby. Marissa Questereit has left her position as the Shepherd Union Recreation Manager to accept an internship in South Korea. Jamie Bernstein has left his position as an Outdoor Program Coordinator for Campus Recreation, and Morgan Kerr has left her position as Marketing Coordinator for Housing & Residence Life. Jessica Oyler will be leaving Student Affairs to become the Interim Assistant Vice President in Human Resources. Cliff Nowell will be stepping down as Dean of International Programs at the end of June. Terry Wright, the Placement Specialist in Testing Services, will be retiring after 27 years at Weber State University! We are grateful for all she has done for us during her time here and wish her all the best in retirement! We wish all of those departing good luck in their future endeavors!

Adobe Licenses for all Students, Faculty and Staff

For the next five years at least, all students, faculty, and staff will have access to Photoshop, Premiere Rush, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, and Acrobat through Adobe Creative Cloud licenses. How to access these tools and the training that will be available for them will be shared once we receive that information.

Vaccination Task Force

President Mortensen has requested that there be a Student Vaccination Task Force to consider potential institutional policies and programs directed at increasing WSU student vaccination rates to what the Utah Department of Health recommends. One of the task force’s responsibilities will be to outline the plans and resources necessary to achieve its recommendations. These recommendations will be submitted on October 1. Jeff Hurst, the Associate VP/Dean of Students, is the chair of this task force. If you have any ideas that you’d like to share with the task force, contact Jeff.  

Do You Know Everything You Need to Know About Employee Resources?

The Faculty/Staff Hiring and Development Committee, a subcommittee of the Student Success Steering Committee, developed a website with lots of great information to acclimate new faculty and staff to campus (and to remind those of us who aren’t new about all the resources we may have forgotten about). If you have any suggestions of resources to add to the website, please contact Jessica Oyler.

Facilities Update

Institutional Assessment has moved to Annex 2. Women's Center and LGBT Center are co-located in what was the Union Testing Center. Veteran Services is now co-located with the Non-Traditional Student Center in the Union. Through the summer, the Office of International Programs and Study Abroad will be moving into the old LGBT space. The Mentoring Program will then move into the Study Abroad space. 

Weber Connect

What is Weber Connect?

  • A mobile engagement app for your phone and other devices
    • Weber Connect also has a web version of the app.

What Can Weber Connect Do?

  • Promote and track attendance at your events
  • Organize students into specific cohorts for more targeted communication
  • Keep students connected to the campus & Ogden communities
  • Sync other important information to the app for “one-stop” browsing

How does my department start using Weber Connect?

  • Contact your Student Engagement Task Force representative

Starfish Refresh!

Starfish is a resource that helps us better connect to our students and learn more about their academic life. During Spring 2019, faculty and advisors reached out to 8,461 students through Starfish, with 569 faculty participating in progress surveys. When students log in to Starfish through their eWeber portal, they are able to see resources and Student Affairs offices that are available to them.  Students can use Starfish to create appointments with their academic advisors.  They can also "Raise My Hand" to ask offices to reach out to them. To connect students to other offices, you can make a referral. You can also take notes about a student that can be shared with other offices to help keep everyone in the loop. If you are concerned about a student, you can raise a flag. Students receive notices through Starfish and their emails when faculty have raised flags about them. You can resolve a flag if you meet with a student and help address any concerns that other offices or faculty have raised. Starfish is currently being used by 7 offices on campus to accept referrals. Let Savanna Grotz know if you would like to be available through the referrals or if you have any questions. A website is available with more information about Starfish and available training.

Diversity Trivia

JUNETEENTH Festivals across the nation celebrate Black Emancipation Day. Although President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1862, General Gordon Granger of the US Calvary rode into Galveston, Texas, in 1865 on the 19th of June and found Blacks still enslaved. He issued an order in accordance with the Emancipation Proclamation granting them their freedom. A huge celebration commenced, marking this day as Jubilee Day, June 19th Day, and eventually “Juneteenth." Utahans’ have celebrated Juneteenth for more than 45 years and our annual statewide Juneteenth Heritage Festival is now in its 30th year. The dates for this year’s main event are June 14-16.  The theme this year both locally and nationally is “Honoring Our Ancestors” and serves as a reminder of the 400 years Africans have been on these lands and the tremendous sacrifices and extraordinary achievements that encompass their stories.

Tech Trivia

If you are looking to purchase new computers or technology before June 30 or are getting ready for new equipment purchases after July 1, contact Clayton Oyler for prices and help on deciding what to get for you or your office.  Weber State has a set of guidelines on what is best supported by our STAs and IT so before you buy, talk with Clayton.  |  Student Affairs on Facebook Instagram