Maddy Baide

Maddy Baide

Student Job Title: Center for Community Engaged Learning- Digital Marketer

Favorite part of job: Being a part of WSU and getting involved in the centers volunteer opportunities! The people I work with are amazing and I get to meet so many great people who come in looking for opportunities.

Would you continue doing this job as a career?: Yes! Working in this type of career with volunteering and helping out the community would be an amazing career!

Campus activities are you involved in: Center for Community Engaged Learning, work-study, and studying Nursing.

Campus activities you would recommend to other students: Volunteering, become a part of WSUSA, joining Engaged Leaders, and joining a club.

Pros & cons of recommendations: Sometimes you have to balance your extracurriculars with your academics!

Super hero power you would want: I would have multiple abilities kind of like superman. He has multiple abilities so why can’t I? My abilities would be telekinesis, ability to have big muscles but also to eat anything and everything, and mental osmosis.


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