Sabbatical Presentations

Criminal Justice

  • Dr. Monica Williams (11/17/2021): "The Forgotten History of Ogden’s Early Policewomen: Politics, policing, and gendered power"
    • Abstract: "How and in what capacity did women first enter policing in Ogden? How do their stories relate to national trends in policewomen's service? My research answers these questions as part of a larger project examining the role of institutions in creating and maintaining inequalities. My presentation will focus on the stories of Ogden's first policewomen to demonstrate how overlooking women's early involvement in policing creates missed opportunities to fully understand policing as a patriarchal institution. More broadly, my research helps show how institutions can reproduce themselves while also providing openings for institutional actors to create and resist change."


  • Dr. Greg Lewis (11/17/2021): "Orthodoxy and Chinese Historiography in the Age of Social Media"
    • Abstract: "Chinese historiography here refers to the writing of Chinese history in Chinese especially.  Orthodoxy here references the tendency toward dominant narratives that has marked Chinese history for the better part of two millenia. As a foreigner researching Chinese history, the challenges posed by orthodoxy have been both vexing and reifying for me over the last several decades. In recent years the freedoms offered by social media in China have further complicated the issue of orthodoxy and its future place in China's history. Using my current research, I hope to offer an example or two — case studies, if you will — of how orthodoxy, both present and absent, exerts its influence even in a time of social media."