CSBS Study Abroad Programs

Study abroad programs are a great way to travel the world while earning course credit! Check out the upcoming study abroad programs in our college.

UK & Holland - Criminal Justice & Sociology

May 19 - May 28, 2024 | CJ 4950, MCJ 6250 or SOC 4950

The on-site scheduled activities will include tours, guest speakers, and field observations that will expose students to historical and contemporary practices in criminal justice in England and the Netherlands. Tours to current criminal justice institutions and historically relevant sites will provide information about the roots of the English and Dutch criminal justice system and how it works in modern society.

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Switzerland - Studies in Harm Reduction

May 1 - May 14, 2024 | SW 4850 or MSW 6850

Switzerland offers a rich environment in which to examine and explore the meaning and use of harm reduction. Participants will examine the harm reduction model in a multinational, cross-disciplinary context, considering applications to a variety of social and health concerns and identifing barriers to and facilitators of the development and use of harm reduction strategies.

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San Rafael Desert, Utah and Big Horn Basin, Wyoming - Archaeological Field Techniques

May 13 - June 5 | ANTH 3300

Students will learn archaeological excavation techniques, artifact identification, site mapping, soil idenitifcation, and archaeological survey. This trip will be led by Dr. Madeline Mackie.

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